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Top Six Federal Agencies List 17 Projects by September

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119 Federal Government agencies have now published their procurement plans for the 2007-08 financial year. Intermedium's analysis shows that almost half of their ICT procurement is planned for the first quarter of the financial year, with the 6 largest agencies listing 17 projects for this period.

Intermedium has analysed the plans and identified 398 ICT projects listed by 78 agencies that listed ICT-related items in their procurement plans. 41 agencies that published their 2007-08 procurement plans in AusTender, did not include any ICT.

The following table shows that the largest category for planned ICT procurements is again IT Services, followed by Hardware and Software.

  2007-08 Plans 2006-07 Plans
IT Services 146 151
Hardware 104 92
Software 84 89
Telco Services 32 42
Telco Equipment 25 37
Large Office Machines 7 13

As in previous years, there is a strong trend for agencies to list ICT procurement items for the First Quarter of the financial year. The table below shows the number of projects (by category) listed by Tier 1 agencies that will go-to-market by September 2007. Of the 13 ICT projects listed in Department of Defence and Defence Material procurement plans, 6 are listed to go to the market in the July-September period.


  IT Services Hardware Software Telco Equip and Services Large Office Machines
ACS 1 3   1  
ATO 1        
Centrelink   1      
Defence 3 2   2  
DEWR     1    
DIAC 1     1  

While some of these procurement dates may seem like wishful thinking, Intermedium's analysis of previous year's data shows that more than 50% of projects listed in procurement plans (that go to market during the year) do so within the procurement window.

scout IT is Intermedium's consolidated guide to Federal Government procurement plans.

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