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Vic issues RFT for ICT Strategy’s Security Program

by Sam Murphy •
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The Victorian Government is currently seeking experienced providers to deliver on actions related to the ICT Strategy 2013-14 Security Program.

The Request for Tender (RFT), issued by the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI), calls for “proven Victorian Government ICT Security and Identity and Access Management experience” to complete four of the fifty actions specified in the 2013-14 ICT Strategy.

Work under this program will complete actions 3, 7, 11, and 13 of the strategy:

  • Develop an identity management framework that enables Victorians to gain access to government services simply and securely;
  • Commence implementation of an identity management capability for citizens wanting to use online channels to engage with government;
  • Continue to implement information security standards to ensure citizen and government data is protected; and
  • Develop a whole-of-government approach to privacy and informed consent by citizens to share personal data between government agencies.

According to the strategy all these actions have deadlines of March 2014 or earlier. However, tender documents state the expected end date for the final project is January 2015, suggesting strategy implementation is running behind schedule.

Tender documents outline a four tranche, 15 month project schedule and one or multiple vendors could be selected to complete the four tranches.

Tranche 1 includes the review, refresh or development of Whole of Victorian Government (WoVG) policies, standards and guidelines on security, and identity and access management by May 2014.

The previous policy for identity and access management was released in 2006. Since then responsibility for these policies has been moved from the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) to DSDBI.

Tranche 2 is for the development and refresh of the Victorian Government Security Framework as well as the Identity and Access Management Framework, and is scheduled for completion by February 2014.

The framework will endeavour to allow the public simple and secure access to Government websites and data. The Government expects that they will be aligned with already established, Commonwealth frameworks like the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and South Australia’s Information Security Management Framework (ISMF).

Tranches 3 and 4 relate to the development and delivery of a WoVG platform for Citizen Identity and Access Management. The project schedule indicates the new Citizen Identity and Access Management platform will be completed by January 2015.

In addition to these specified tranches, there is scope for the winning tenderer to “provide advice and guidance on any future strategies”.

Submissions close on 10 October and the evaluation of tenders and execution of contracts is anticipated to be completed in October 2013.  

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