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Vic WofG analytics centre gets first project

by Justin Hendry •
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Topics: Data Analytics; Digital Transformation; Vic.

Victoria’s new Whole-of-Government data analytics centre has been assigned its first project under the government’s 10-year plan to end domestic violence.

Ending Family Violence: Victoria’s Plan for Change provides new details about the centre, which will be known as the Victorian Centre for Data Insights, and its initial project as the government’s lead organisation for the better use of data for decision-making.

“The Victorian Centre for Data Insights will change the way that government collects information and will build new capabilities to analyse data to protect families at risk”, Premier Daniel Andrews said in a statement.

The centre will provide analytics support to a proposed coordination agency in order “to gain a better understanding about common and complex clients and how best to target and tailor services to support them”, the report states.

The coordination agency will be established to oversee initiatives targeted at reducing family violence and the relevant services across government, and will “also support a state-wide information sharing platform across multiple agencies to ensure that the right information is available at the right time”.

Information sharing will also be improved through a new digital solution for the electronic distribution of Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Reports, which are also known as L17 referrals. The solution will replace the current fax-based system to “create an electronic pathway between Victoria Police and the [network of Support and Safety] Hubs and other relevant service organisations”.

The analytics centre was first announced in the May 2016-2020 IT Strategy, and is expected to be established in January 2017. As part of the strategy, the government also intends to develop an information management framework by the end of 2016.

Like the New South Wales Data Analytics Centre (DAC), which was the first state-based WofG data analytics hub to be established (in August 2015), the centre aims to improve data usage and sharing across departments and agencies to improve policy-making and service design.

The NSW DAC is also currently undertaking a project to reduce domestic violence as part of their second round of projects.

All DAC projects have been developed through a consultation process with key NSW Government agencies, and target the objectives listed in the NSW Intergenerational Report, Premier Mike Baird’s 12 state priorities, and other 2016-17 state budget priorities.

Victoria’s family violence prevention plan will be joined in March 2017 by a 10-year investment plan to implement the necessary reforms, as well as the first of a series of triennial action plans.

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