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Victoria Arts RFT improves grants management

by Andrew Starc •
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Grants management is a tricky issue to negotiate in government.  Victoria Arts (VA) is attempting to improve functionality in this area with a Request for Tender (RFT) for a new grants management system (GMS) to improve online access and data management.

The current system, used by 50 staff across VA, is cited for replacement by the department due to its “inability to provide required functionality to support the whole grants management lifecycle.” 

The RFT - released 12 May and closing 11 June - is designed to replace the incumbent custom-built Microsoft Visual FoxPro GMS (known as ARGO) that has been in place since 1996.  

The new system will administer VA’s suite of funding programs, incorporating functionality that includes online submission of grants as well as increased flexibility of reporting and data management to help accommodate the department’s changing business environment.

The new GMS is envisaged to be developed from first principles, using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server, or to be configured from existing GMS’s, according to the tender document.

Tenderers are required to provide a detailed project plan along that includes the capability for data migration.  The system must be implemented and configured with Microsoft Office products, Lotus Notes, TRIM and Oracle.

The new GMS will be required to feature the following functionality:

  • User interface: A browser based portal interface with a single page providing a “spring board” to all required functionality on the site;
  • User documentation: Expected to be searchable and available online;
  • Security: Different site access given to different user groups. Also, transfer of information will require encryption to ensure privacy;
  • Data Management: Covering transactions, availability, administration, import/export, auditing. Preferably implemented using Microsoft SQL;
  • Administration: Including upper maintenance, upgrades and monitoring;
  • Workflow capabilities: To support the distribution of documents, automation of processes and the allocation and escalation of tasks;
  • Reporting and Querying: Ensuring users are capable of defining reports or queries which draw on data fields and present them in a variety of formats;
  • Reference and supporting materials: The GMS must support the capture and access to a range of documents, being received electronically, physically and in a variety of formats (e.g. Word, PDF, audio/visual files); and
  • Name and address register: To facilitate the creation, management and maintenance of client information detailing contact details and demographic information.

The full tender documents can be accessed here.

Intermedium's Annual Victoria Budget Briefing is on 16 June 2010.  For more information contact sales on (02) 9955 9896.

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