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Victoria to create future procurements with $6 million health innovation funding

by Sam Murphy •
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The Victorian Government has announced funding of $6 million for four innovative new health technology projects.

Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips announced that the Government would allocate the money to technology as a part of a broader $15 million Health Market Validation Program (HMVP) which offers competitive grants for innovation in healthcare.

The HMVP was set up to operate in a number of stages. The first stage was to identify the technology-based needs of the Health Sector which were “likely to result in significant improvement in the cost or delivery of healthcare services”.

The second stage was to invite SMEs to propose new solutions which could potentially see them receive a grant of up to $100,000 to complete a feasibility study.

The third and current stage sees successful feasibility studies granted up to $1.5 million to complete clinical trials. 

Four feasibility studies were chosen out of 12 to receive funding. These include:

  • “A bidirectional cannula that will allow full circulatory support to avoid the risk of complications to limbs during surgery;
  • Remote monitoring system for  chronic heart failure patients to automatically report personal health  data to their health service via the internet or portable smart devices;
  • A new preservation technique for donor organs using perfusion instead of ice storage; and
  • A plaque removal device, so children and others who have difficulty using a toothbrush can clean their teeth more effectively without help.”

The successful SME’s are MTMM Pty. Ltd, Medtech Healthcare, Perfusion Solutions and APS Innovations.  

The grant will potentially create future procurements for the Government as “SMEs and health agencies work to improve health service delivery by developing new, market-ready technology,” according to a press release.

Victoria’s 2014-15 ICT Strategy flagged innovation as one of the most important notions in Government ICT presently. It states, “the ICT Strategy will now target

the delivery of major enablers needed to support innovation and productivity gains in the operation and delivery of services by government.”

The Strategy included an action of taking advantage of contemporary ICT. It lays out a time period of February 2014- June 2015 to support 10 innovation projects.


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