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WA announces three new ICT CUAs

by Sam Murphy •
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In wide-sweeping changes to its centralised procurement model, and very much in keeping with trends observed in other jurisdictions, the Western Australian Government will issue three new Common Use Arrangements (CUAs) by the end of 2013 as part of on-going measures to find savings in ICT products and services.

The new CUAs are for:

In a theme reflective of whole-of-government panels in other jurisdictions, the new CUAs demonstrate a move to accommodate the “ever evolving ICT world”. Unlike other jurisdictions, however, where the arrangements apply across the state, the use of the CUAs will be mandatory in the Perth metropolitan area only.

Printing and Copying Machines and Solutions

The new CUA for Printing and Copying Machines and Solutions is expected to be valued somewhere between $80-100 million, according to tender documents and will replace the outgoing CUA25307 for Business Machines and Consumables. 

It is to have “more flexible categories rather than standard specifications” according to a WA Finance announcement.  It also has the ability to have panels added to it by the Contract Authority at its discretion, keeping in line with the goal to “provide agencies with up-to-date products and services”.

Also in keeping with the move to multi-use lists in other jurisdictions, rather than being a closed arrangement, additional suppliers may also be asked to tender for inclusion in a panel at any time.

The previous panel will have been in operation for four years by its November 2013 expiry with a total value of $106 million.

The new CUA will feature five panels with the inclusion of a new Managed Print Services panel. Suppliers on the Managed Print Services panel are expected to provide solutions in which an agency’s ability to “print, copy, scan, and fax is provided on a cost per copy basis”. The remaining four panels carry over from the previous arrangement and are for:

  • Multifunction Devices and Associated Consumables;
  • Printers and Associated Consumables;
  • Facsimiles (Faxes) and Associated Consumables; and
  • Brokerage Service for Consumables.

Vendors are encouraged to apply to supply under more than one category.

Procurement has closed for all five panels and responses are under evaluation with the new Managed Print Services Panel expected to be available from October 2013. It precedes the launch of the other four panels and the CUA as a whole, which is expected to occur by 1 December 2013. The WA Government intends to save 50 per cent on print consumables and paper over the next four years with these panels geared to “reduce transaction costs to agencies and industry, and promote savings for WA government”, according to the tender documents.

In addition to the out-going Business Machines and Consumables arrangement, the WA Government currently has three other existing hardware-oriented CUAs:

  • The CUA for Audio Visual Solutions (CUAAVS2012) worth $25,000 and due to expire in 2015 with an option for a two year extension;
  • The CUA for the supply and implementation of Personal and Notebook Computers (CUA25708) worth $190 million and due to expire in 2015; and
  • The CUA for IT Servers and Data Storage devices (CUA13010) worth $68 million and due to expire next year with an option for a two year extension.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

The Network Infrastructure Solutions CUA is an entirely new solution-based arrangement and is due to go live at the end of August 2013, following an approach to the market in December 2012. It gives “access to data network products and associated services, including design, integration and installation, warranty and support” and will consist of two panels:

  • Network Products; and
  • End to End Network Solutions.

The first panel covers the procurement of network devices and IP telephony products. The second is intended for agencies that require network infrastructure fit-outs and will also include managed services options for maintenance support arrangements.

Contract Systems Solutions

The CUA for Contract Systems Solutions is expected to launch in September 2013 and provide access to software that will assist in managing agency contracts.

The scope of the panel includes commercial off-the-shelf and customised solutions, software licensing, support, training and implementation services.

The panel will have an initial term of three years with extension options for a further two years, according to tender documents from the July approach to market.

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