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WA Government to expand state-wide printer panel

by Paris Cowan •
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Planning is currently underway to add a new ‘end-to-end solutions’ category to Western Australia’s mandatory whole-of-government panel for Business Machines and Business Consumables, as part of an effort to squeeze savings out of the State’s annual printer consumption.

As part of a $300 million public sector savings drive, the WA Government intends to reduce its spending on paper and printer consumables by 50 per cent over the four years from 2012-13 to save $8.6 million.

It hopes that by giving agencies the opportunity to bundle their printer needs together in single contract, they will leverage more efficient pricing from panel suppliers.

At present the printer and consumable panel (Common Use Agreement 25307) covers four categories of procurement:

  1. Multifunctional Devices and Associated Consumables;
  2. Printers and Associated Consumables;
  3. Facsimiles and Associated Consumables; and
  4. Business Machine Consumables and Associated Services.

It has been proposed that the following goods and services be added to the arrangement:

  • Fleet assessment and optimisation services, which are aimed at reducing user-to-device ratios;
  • Multiple business machine purchases, with associated maintenance services and device and print management software bundled as a package;
  • Device management software (standalone) providing a mechanism for monitoring and managing printing activities across a given organisation in a unified fashion;
  • Print management software (standalone) managing the volume of printing activity by authenticating users to promote accountability.

“There are a number of benefits in being able to optimise fleets of devices and monitor the printing habits of organisations or individuals,” said Contract Manager Ivor Lee, in a news update on the WA Department of Finance’s procurement pages. “This innovative category will offer agencies a more complete CUA that enables them to maximise savings.”

Update 10/12/12 11:45 am: The WA Department of Finance has confirmed to Intermedium that an open tender process will be carried out in the event that any new categories are added to the CUA.

At present eleven suppliers are qualified to supply to WA agencies through CUA 25307. The full list can be viewed through Intermedium’s Whole-of-Government Panels Database.

The panel became operational in December 2009 and reached its first expiry in November this year. The Government has used the first of two 12 month extensions to take it out to 2013. Its full permissible term extends to November 2014.

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