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WA Police seeking one solution for number plate recognition

by Angel Jemmett •
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The Western Australian Police Force has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) processing solutions. With several different vendors currently supplying disparate ANRP systems, the police force stands to gain efficiencies through a single agency-wide solution.

ANPR systems are currently in use by all Australian states and territories. The NSW Police Force Highway Patrol was the first to trial the technology (in 2005) and began a full roll-out of the system in 2009. Systems vary from state to state and have been tailored to meet the specific needs of each jurisdiction.

Law enforcement agencies use ANPR to monitor traffic via a wide network of cameras that detect number plates that are referenced against a database of people or vehicles of interest. The systems identify unregistered or stolen vehicles, disqualified or suspended drivers and motorists with outstanding warrants. ANPR can also be used to monitor and prevent traffic violations and collect electronic tolls. Data from these detections is retained for insight harvesting and further analysis.

It has been demonstrated that ANPR capabilities exceed those of human operators and have smaller margins of error.

Advances in ANPR software, camera technologies, and the incorporation of emerging technologies such as AI have increased the reliability of ANPR systems and provided previously untapped capabilities. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, authorities in the UK, India, and Australia used ANPR technology to monitor violations of lockdown restrictions.

According to tender documents, implementing a centralised ANPR system will allow the WA Police to execute essential policing capabilities, such as tracking persons of interest across the state and creating targeted, real-time notifications to manage intervention and decision-making.

The five core functional capabilities to be supplied by a whole-of-Agency ANPR system, defined by the WA Police Force, are:

  • Detection of vehicle number plates using fixed data sources.  
  • Consolidation of data and storage  it in a common format.  
  • Centralised cataloguing of data with interfaces that allow interrogation of stored records.  
  • Reporting and analytic capabilities.  
  • Generation and delivery of notifications to end-users.

Supplier responses to the Request for Information close on 10 June 2021. 

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