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Young gun to lead Queensland’s ICT reforms

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Former emergency services CIO Glenn Walker has been handed the not inconsiderable task of leading Queensland’s ICT reform program.

Acting Queensland Government CIO and Director General of the Department of Science, IT, Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA) Andrew Garner announced Walker’s appointment to industry delegates last month.

“Glenn Walker, the CIO from DCS [the Department of Community Safety] has joined my Department to lead the ICT reform process moving forward. He will be the person responsible for delivering the action plan on the Minister’s and my behalf,” said Garner at a Partners in Technology Briefing.

“So he will be much more visible at these events as we go forward,” Garner continued.

Walker’s Linked In profile confirms that he will assume a new role within the Department, taking the title Executive Director, ICT Reform. At this stage it is still unclear where in DSITIA he will be located and whether or not he will adopt any of the responsibilities which previously fell to Peter Grant in his capacity as Queensland Government CIO up until April.

What is clear, however, is that he will spearhead the implementation of a transformative reform program to resurrect Queensland ICT, informed by the recommendations of both the Queensland Commission of Audit and Peter Grant’s comprehensive ICT Audit.

Alongside the development of the new ICT Strategy for Queensland that was released on Friday, the Government has been working on an ICT implementation plan which will also become available in due course.

Seeing that this plan is enacted will become Walker’s primary responsibility.

The plan was described by Garner as treading a fine balance between quick wins for the State, and the articulation of a longer term ICT vision.

It will also need to set out a roadmap for reducing any unchecked expansion in the State’s ICT spend.

“What we now expect to be the maximum of ICT spend is $1.6 billion in real terms. That’s it. From this point forward we will be looking to reduce that year-on-year in real terms,” said Garner.

Prior to his appointment at DSITIA, Walker headed ICT for the Department of Community Services, which takes in Queensland Ambulance Service, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, Queensland Corrective Services and Emergency Management Queensland.

He had been CIO at the Department since early 2010, after joining its ICT division as a graduate. He was the youngest CIO ever appointed in Queensland Government history.

He spoke to Intermedium in March this year about some of the Departments ICT achievements and also his outlook on its $100 million HR and payroll systems replacement.

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