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Intermedium Market Watch

Digital transformation and other ICT drivers in public sector health

The Australian states and territories signed the $131 billion National Health Reform Agreement in May 2020. We take you through the current level of digital transformation of the public sector healthcare system, and provide insights as to the market’s future direction.

Cyber and the Defence Strategic Update 2020

Under the Defence Strategic Update 2020 Defence will invest some $15 billion into cyber capability over the next decade. We look at what's driving the investment, what the focus areas are and the ICT opportunities that could emerge.

NSW Market Outlook

Insights into the NSW state government ICT market, its horizon outlook and predictions of ICT developments & activities.

How Government Buys Today

A wave of procurement reform is expected to follow the government's immediate health response to COVID-19. Suppliers must be aware of the direction ahead to spot opportunities and respond effectively.

Emerging Tech in State and Federal Governments

We discuss the drivers of emerging technologies in government and analyse the application of its use in federal and state jurisdictions.

What's ahead in Defence

Worth almost half the Federal Government ICT market, Defence’s direction over the next few years is inextricably linked to the fortunes of the market. Get a view of the competing drivers influencing investment, what's likely to stay and what could be under threat.