Must know government language

Brush up on the essential public sector terminology and gain credence amongst decision makers.

Term Definition
Shared services

Provision of common services across multiple government entities. These usually include commodifiable services such as human resources, finance, email or procurement. Sometimes delivered at a Whole-of-Government level by a central agency (usually either a dedicated shared services agency or the jurisdiction's finance department), but can also refer to smaller arrangements in which one agency takes on partial responsibility for another's back office functions.

Tell us once

The ability to update citizen information across the entirety of government from a single notification, meaning that citizens are not required to provide the same information multiple times to different government entities. Sometimes referred to as "no wrong door". While superficially simple, tell us once implementation can be difficult to implement seamlessly due to the behind-the-scenes complexity of government; issues arising can include agency silos, differing data standards, and regulatory issues (such as privacy protections for sensitive data).

Whole-of-Government (WofG)

A policy, action or approach that crosses departmental boundaries in the interests of achieving a unified outcome - be it a particular project or overarching policy development. In some cases WofG practice may come under the control of a single central entity (e.g. a specific agency may have responsibility for WofG ICT procurement), but it can also refer to formal or informal collaboration across multiple peer agencies.