Key Public Sector Dates

Title Datesort descending Notes
NZ Election Date by 18/11/2017
Queensland Election Date 25/11/2017

Final variable-date election before moving to fixed terms.

South Australian Election Date 17/03/2018

Fixed date.

Tasmanian Election Date by 19 May 2018
Victorian Election Date 24/11/2018

Fixed date.

NSW Election Date 23/03/2019

Fixed date - fourth Saturday in March.

Federal Election Date by 2 November 2019

A half-senate election must be held on or before 18 May 2019, which could result in the House of Representatives election being brought forward.

Northern Territory Election Date 22/08/2020

Fixed date, on the fourth Saturday in August every four years.

ACT Election Date 17/10/2020

Fixed date.

Western Australian Election Date 09/03/2021

Fixed date - second Tuesday in March.