Executive Compass

Steer your government ICT business in the right direction

COVID-19 has given rise to many questions about the probable impacts on government use and purchase of technology. What aspects of government ICT demand will likely differ from the past, and why? And how much will the size of markets change as we traverse towards what will be the New Normal?

Nobody can foretell the future with complete accuracy. But being able to develop likely scenarios and assessing their probability of occurring will be vital in helping you evaluate your options and plan appropriate responses.

Intermedium’s Executive Compass reports are designed to guide senior executives throughout their government market strategic planning and decision-making cycles.

Sharp, succinct and sagacious, it incorporates Intermedium’s Four Horizons Framework to arm you with the market intelligence in navigating your government ICT business amid unchartered COVID-19 terrains.

Talk to us to gain clarity about what the future is likely to hold for you and your solutions irrespective of whether your focus is Federal, State or Territory.

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