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Intermedium offers cost-effective, syndicated research on current key areas of relevance in the Australian Public Sector. Talk to us about our plans for cloud utilisation, cyber-security, identity management, data analytics, artificial intelligence, collaboration and other potential areas of sponsored research.

How does the syndicate work?

There are a limited number of members in each syndicate.

Syndicate members have full access and agreed input into the research and the research outcomes and reports are only be made available to syndicate members.

Syndicate members are able to provide direction on certain questions within the research, ensuring the reports are tailored to their business needs.

Syndicated research can span single or plural jurisdictions, the current and anticipated rate of adoption of the subject-matter and agency and suppliers of relevance to the subject matter.

Syndicated research can utilise any one, some or all of Intermedium’s research methodologies:

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