Day 2 - Best Practice Tender Responses

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Both Day 1 & Day 2 of the selling to government program can be booked as individual options. A premium rate applies if only one day is booked.

Learn the key factors in winning government tenders and bids

"This program is a must for any company currently disappointed with its government win rate."

Who should attend?

Best Practice Tender Response is relevant for any sales, marketing, legal or technical personnel involved in responding to public sector procurement processes.

This course will also benefit those who have bid and tender response experience but wish to refresh on best practice and update on procurement rule and other changes and the impacts these changes have on tendering.

What’s covered in the program?

The root cause of low win rates is that companies commonly appoint resources to bid teams based on their solution skills and technical knowledge rather than on their knowledge of government bid response best practice.

In addition, tender response best practice is rarely retained corporately; it leaves with the resource. This means that training in responding to government bids is an ongoing training requirement.

A further problem is that government frameworks, policy and procurement practices are undergoing major changes. Bid personnel need to stay up to date with such changes and their implications if they are going to create a compelling, winning response.

Topics covered include:

  • Qualifying bids
  • Building a unified response outline
  • Writing for public sector evaluators
  • Managing and responding to risk
  • Conducting win/loss reviews.

Either day of the Selling to Government program can be conducted in-house, provided there are at least six attendees. Please contact Intermedium to discuss your requirements.

Discounts apply for booking both days.

Presented as Day 2 of our Selling to Government program, Best Practice Tender Response (Day 2) follows on from Enhancing Government Literacy (Day 1). Attendees can opt to book either Day 1 or Day 2 but by booking both, attendees’ will leverage their sales effectiveness through the reinforcement of key concepts.

What do attendees think?

"Judy provided real insight and practical guidance that I can use."


"The most relevant course I have ever had the pleasure of attending!"


"Very informative and I would highly recommend this to any organisation"

"I welcomed Judy's insight, war stories, practical guidance and humour. Providing a perspective from both sides of the fence is so helpful."


"Great job connecting with attendees and fielding questions."

Program Objectives

Best Practice Tender Response will ensure attendees:

  • Write more compelling responses based on their understanding of the needs and attributes of government evaluators or decision makers
  • Are more confident in their understanding of government procurement processes and how to respond to changes that occur
  • Know how to use the bid process to competitive advantage
  • Understand the fundamental do’s and dont's for bid responses.

Program Benefits

Your company will:

  • Improve opportunity conversion, by being more selective in choosing when to bid
  • Reduce operational costs, because the bid team have become more knowledgeable, confident and efficient
  • Increase its win rate, by producing responses which are optimised to receive the highest achievable scores.

Your team will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the processes involved
  • Understand the perspectives of government evaluators
  • Know the importance of identifying and addressing both explicit and implicit selection criteria
  • Be able to explain the context of specified requirements to company management or the legal team
  • Understand where to focus their efforts and time to gain the maximum return.

Program Outline

   1. Understanding the procurement process
   2. Signalling understanding of the agency and its requirements
   3. Bid preparation

Contact Intermedium for a more detailed course outline.


Best Practice Tenders and Bid Responses is presented by Judy Hurditch.

Judy Hurditch

Program Facilitator and Managing Director of Intermedium.

Since founding Intermedium in 2004, Judy has become a highly regarded specialist on the Government marketplace and has conducted numerous professional development courses and events. Judy has extensive knowledge about both federal and state jurisdictions, and the characteristics, size and other attributes of their ICT markets.

Judy was a Deputy Commissioner of Taxation when she left the Australian Public Service. She has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

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Course duration and deliverables

Best Practice Tender Response is a full day course starting at 8:30am, registration at 8:15am and finishing at 4:30pm. It includes a 30 minute lunch break, plus morning and afternoon breaks of 15 minutes.

All participants will receive:

  • An invaluable interactive learning experience;
  • A comprehensive workshop manual; and

For more information, contact Intermedium.

To discuss your organisation's in-house professional development needs, contact our Program Facilitator Judy Hurditch.