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Comprehensive desk research of public (and where appropriate and possible, private) domain sources of relevant information

Intermedium will document, compare and contrast, analyse, tabulate and summarise, relevant information, including:

  • Agency and Whole of Government ICT Strategy documents;
  • WofG ICT policy documents;
  • Media releases;
  • Intermedium research articles and reports;
  • Agency tender documents;
  • Procurement guidelines;
  • Parliamentary hearings, audit reports, cost reviews;
  • Agency Annual reports;
  • Conference presentations;
  • Government Blogs; and
  • Press articles.

Deliverables can include:

  • Degree of articulated agency or jurisdiction commitment to identified solution adoption;
  • Degree of actual agency or jurisdictional adoption in client’s key area; and
  • Agency and / or jurisdictional leaders and laggards.

Key points:

  • Intermedium’s experienced public sector ICT researchers can readily and speedily identify required source material, analyse it and draw relevant observations and conclusions
  • Moderate level of insight
  • Low cost
  • Short timeframe to delivery

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