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Volume-based electronic or field surveying of government agencies (as the enterprise buyers), ICT industry participants (as the enterprise suppliers) and solution specialists (as advisors to both buyers and suppliers)

Anonymous surveying will yield conclusions as to the degree to which the subject of the survey is:

  • An active consideration
  • A strategic issue
  • A technology problem versus a strategic problem for the agency
  • Seen as a security consideration

For the nominated subject matter, these surveys can also seek to:

  • Drivers;
  • Inhibitors;
  • Expectations of rate of adoption;
  • Inhibitors;
  • Estimated current percentage share of market; and
  • Estimated potential share of market in next 5 years.

Key points:

  • Provides information on perceptions and opinions;
  • Moderate to high level of insight
  • Mid-range cost
  • Mid-range timeframe to delivery

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