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Embracing a Digital Future: What 2017-18 holds in store

The Government ICT market is changing – but how fast?

The 2017-18 budgets will as always be a major determinant of ICT spending by agencies, but there are several other factors which will shape suppliers’ outcomes in the coming year.

Multi-year ‘waterfall’ projects are continuing to drop from favour, as more and more agencies break projects down into smaller more manageable deliverables. The cloud is on its way to becoming BAU and major data analytics projects are being mounted.

In addition, new players are entering the market, supported by new procurement policies.

Intermedium is once again conducting its popular budget briefing series, held in and tailored to each major jurisdiction, providing the necessary background to allow attendees to consider the changing ICT ecosystem and plan their 2017-18 strategies from a more informed position.

Intermedium will also highlight the impact on ICT delivery of public sector reforms, including procurement and changing governance arrangements, so that you can become the change partner.

It will draw on its ICT budget and contracts databases and other research to look past the hype and point to agencies’ likely technology decisions.

The dates and speakers for each of the briefings are as follows:

  • Federal - 15 June, Rona Mellor, Deputy Auditor-General, Australian National Audit Office and Alastair MacGibbon, Cyber Security Special Advisor, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • NSW - 18 July, Damon Rees, NSW Government Chief Information and Digital Officer
  • Victoria - 25 July, Geoff Beggs, Director, Government ICT Strategy and Policy, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Queensland - 2 August, Andrew Mills, Queensland Government Chief Information Officer

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