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Intermedium’s Executive Boardroom events generate a focussed and strategic dialogue between senior executives in government and industry.

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Intermedium’s executive boardroom events are exclusive, invitation-only lunches or breakfasts that cover technology-related topics of key interest to senior government executives and to which industry thought leaders can contribute significantly

Limited to 15-20 people, these events:

  • Feature senior public sector subject matter experts as guest speakers
  • Are attended by government business and technology senior executives with a genuine interest and need to stay informed about emerging developments
  • Provide the opportunity for attendees to network and have conversations of relevance

Learn more about the sponsorship opportunities for these Boardroom Events by contacting us at or by calling on +61 2 9955 9896.

About Intermedium

Over the last 14 years, Intermedium has developed a strong reputation as the specialise on public sector ICT markets. In 2005 we ran our first ever workshop (on the impact of the US/ Australia Free Trade Agreement). We continue to run professional development courses, market briefings and workshops and our database of government ICT contracts tells the story of the impacts of various reforms and measures, such as the Gershon review of 2008 , the 4% efficiency dividend of 2102-13 and the comprehensive reliance on technology across all areas of government. Talk to us about the product, research or other service that meets your needs most.