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Focus group workshops of government agency representatives (generally mid-level management)

Intermedium’s focus group facilitators will:

  • Be well-regarded, recognised senior members of the ICT community;
  • Be extensively involved in the recruitment of focus group participants; and
  • Input to the final consolidated report.

Respondents will be:

  • Mid to senior level government agency personnel directly involved in subject matter decisions; and
  • Assured of anonymity and non-ascription of views.

Sponsor will be given:

  • The opportunity to input to focus group questions;
  • The opportunity to sit in on the focus groups as an observer;
  • An annonymised version of the interview write up; and
  • Periodic progress reports.

The focus group report will identify:

  • The subject-matter’s priority;
  • How seriously the subject-matter is being treated within agencies; in what timeframe and at what cost;
  • The most important subject-matter requirements;
  • Views on subject-matter trends.

Key points:

  • Yields high value opinion about the status of the subject-matter
  • High level of insight
  • High cost
  • Longer time frame to delivery

Focus group sessions can be conducted in any capital city or other location;

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