Fundamentals of Government Sales Success

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Demystifying the process of winning government tenders and bids

Fundamentals of Government Sales Success is a must for any public sector facing professionals who are new to their role and have no prior experience of dealing with government.

This course is relevant to field and inside sales professionals, sales managers, account managers, solution architects, professional services personnel, marketing managers, delivery managers and others with public sector related roles.

Without the rapid acceleration of learning and insights provided by this course, personnel must learn about the government market from colleagues or from experience ‘on the job’. Relying on such approaches is costly, inefficient and will lead to sub-optimal practices.

The course is relevant to all public sector markets across Australia.

Attendees will develop a sound understanding of how to develop effective account-specific sales and other plans, and insight into how their strategy must differ from those applied in the commercial sector.

Topics covering include the government as buyer, value propositioning, networking and influence, and key differences between commercial and government sales process management.

This course is offered throughout 2017 and can be conducted in-house, provided there are at least six attendees. Please contact Intermedium to discuss your requirements.

Presented as day one of our Selling to Government program, Fundamentals of Government Sales Success precedes the Winning Government Bids course.

Investing in the two courses will leverage attendees’ sales effectiveness through reinforcement of key concepts, but it is not mandatory that both courses are attended.

Attendee feedback - 2017

"Very worthwhile! Great insights from Judy and very useful to get perspectives from other participants"


"Best and most appropriate course I have ever been on! Congratulations!"


"I found Judy's deep understanding of government fundamentals very informative, she is a wealth of knowledge and very pleasant to talk to. Her course outlined fundamental objectives which aligned with my businesses objectives."

"Excellent insights into how to work with government (and become a trusted advisor rather than another vendor)."


"Great introduction into how government functions. Anyone trying to sell to government will finish the day with practical advice they can immediately put into action."


"Timely reminder of what we are not doing and what we can do better selling to government."

Course Objectives

Fundamentals of Government Sales Success will:

  • Demystify the process of selling to government and the nature of government ICT markets across Australia
  • Provide market intelligence to effectively build and execute a government specific sales strategy
  • Inform the development of relevant solution content and illustrate how to leverage that content
  • Illustrate how best to maintain engagement with government decision makers throughout the sales cycle. 

Course Benefits

Individuals who attend the Fundamentals of Government Sales course will be able to:

  • Adopt more effective strategies for scoping and generating pipeline
  • Better qualify and manage opportunities
  • Increase win-rates on government bids
  • Increase resource productivity
  • Reduce the cost of sale to government.

Course Outline

   1. Structure of government
   2. Market attributes
   3. Procurement frameworks
   4. Key attributes of government bureaucracy
   5. Strategy and positioning for success
   6. Engaging government decision-makers

Contact Intermedium for a more detailed course outline.


Fundamentals for Government Sales Success is presented by Judy Hurditch and a member of Intermedium’s network of experts who can provide deep insights into the public sector, its at attributes and key drivers, based on their personal experience.

Judy Hurditch

Program Facilitator and Managing Director of Intermedium.

Since founding Intermedium in 2004, Judy has become a highly regarded specialist on the Government marketplace and has conducted numerous professional development courses and events. Judy has extensive knowledge about both federal and state jurisdictions, and the characteristics, size and other attributes of their ICT markets.

Judy was a Deputy Commissioner of Taxation when she left the Australian Public Service. She has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.


Course Information


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Course duration and deliverables

Fundamentals of Government Sales Success  is a full day course starting at 9:00am, registration at 8:30am and finishing at 4:30pm. It includes a 30 minute lunch break, plus morning and afternoon breaks of 15 minutes.

All participants will receive:

  • An invaluable interactive learning experience 
  • A comprehensive workshop manual

For more information, contact Intermedium.

To discuss your organisation's in-house professional development needs, contact our Program Facilitator Judy Hurditch.