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Inform your Workforce, Engage Strategically and Execute Effectively

The Government as Buyer covers some general aspects of the government market, such as accountability framework, budget cycle, hierarchy and decision making, as well as information specific to the jurisdiction(s) applicable to your company's target market. The course aims to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of sales personnel to improve your organisation's ability to sell to government.

Recommended by Intermedium as day one of the three day Selling to Government in-house training program, it precedes the Strategic Selling to Government  and Winning Government Bids courses

Both federal government  and  NSW government  versions of this course are offered, and all content is tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation.

Course Objectives

Your company can expect to immediately improve its probability of successful government sales. The Government as Buyer course will:

  • Demystify the process of selling to government and the nature of government ICT markets across Australia;
  • Provide market intelligence to effectively plan and pursue government business in the desired jurisdiction(s); and
  • Provide knowledge and understanding to your team, enabling them to engage government decision makers with confidence and credibility.

Course Deliverables

Government as Buyer in-house training course participants will receive:

  • An invaluable interactive learning experience;
  • The full set of presentation slides; and
  • A comprehensive course manual.

Course Outcomes

The intended outcome of this course to provide information that allows both your company and its team to have more success in engaging with government ICT market.

Your compay will be more able to:

  • Develop solutions and sales processes which are tailored to government needs;
  • Develop messaging and value propositions which resonate well with a government audience; and
  • Have confidence that their bid team is maximising their return on effort.

Course participants will be more able to:

  • Act on the basis of their understanding of buyer attributes and of the market;
  • Place market occurrences in context and explain these to company management; and
  • Have informed conversations with senior government decision makers.


imageJudy Hurditch

Program Facilitator and Managing Director of

Since founding Intermedium in 2004, Judy has become a highly regarded specialist on the Government marketplace and has conducted numerous training courses and events. Judy has extensive knowledge about both federal and state jurisdictions, and the characteristics, size and other attributes of their ICT markets.

Prior to her commercial sector experience, Judy spent almost twenty years in the public sector, predominantly in IT-related project management and business system roles. These roles included senior executive service roles within the Australian Taxation Office as well as in a NSW Government corporation, senior project roles at the then Department of Social Security and senior project management roles at the Office of Asset Sales.

Guest Presenter

The course is generally conducted in conjunction with a senior ex-government decision maker, often an ex-CIO as the guest presenter based on their government role(s), such presenters provide highly valued insights and direct and practical advice drawn directly from experience within the industry.


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Course Agenda

1. Structure of Government

  • Drivers of government policy and delivery 
  • Portfolios, departments, clusters and agencies - decision making & buying relationships
  • The role of the Whole-of-Government CIO versus the agency CIO 

2. Market Attributes

  • Market size and addressability
  • Growth areas and key opportunities
  • Common & divergent  directions, including the adoption of Cloud and the future of shared services
  • Whole of Government strategy impacts

3. Procurement Frameworks

  • Budget cylce impacts on the sales cycle
  • Panels, multi-use lists, service catalogues, role of lead agencies
  • Value for money definition
  • Efficiency versus effectiveness 
  • Tolerance for risk / appetite for innovation

4. Bureaucracy in Action

  • Accountability
  • Hierarchy
  • The language of Government
  • Profiles of decision makers
    • Deciphering titles
  • Common personality types

Who Will Benefit?

Intermedium will work with you and your company to customise each course according to the requirements, skills and background of your team. Content can be tailored for:

  • Sales Executives and Account Managers;
  • Industry Solution Managers;
  • Tender and Bid Managers;
  • Sales Managers;
  • Managing Directors; and
  • Marketing Managers.

Course Duration

The Government as Buyer is a full day course. Intermedium recommends starting at 9:00am and finishing at 4:30pm. This would include a forty minute lunch break, plus morning and afternoon breaks of 10 minutes.

To discuss your organisation's in-house training needs, contact our Program Facilitator Judy Hurditch.