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If you work in your agency’s ICT division, or are in a stakeholder role in a business division dependent upon ICT outcomes, and need to stay abreast of market developments to inform interaction you have with your agency ICT colleagues or with industry representatives, the following products and services will be of value to you.

The Knowledge Base

If you would like to stay up to date on key developments in the Australian public sector’s use of ICT, the Knowledge Base will ensure you do not have to personally invest hours of research to stay on top of important topics.

The Knowledge Base is updated daily, and spans all jurisdictions and all ICT categories (Hardware, Software, IT Services, Telecommunications and Labour Hire). It also covers agency and supplier activity, and focuses heavily on the hot ICT topics and likely future directions.

Sign up for an Intermedium account to obtain online access to the free articles on the Knowledge Base.

Executive Compass

If you need to maintain a general overall awareness of what is going on across the entire Australian public sector without having to invest time, this short and succinct jurisdictional-based horizon report provides you with predictions of market activity, measures of market sentiments and government ICT demand indicators.

An indispensable report that will enable you to feel confident that you are aware of all the key ICT developments.