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  • Subscribers will receive a product familiarisation session tailored to their needs.

The Knowledge Base

If you need a convenient reference source to help answer the question ‘where has this been done before?’ the Knowledge Base will ensure you or your staff do not have to personally invest hours of research to find the answer.

The overall market awareness you obtain from the Knowledge Base will also allow you to have more informed conversations with ICT industry representatives.

The Knowledge Base is updated daily, and spans all jurisdictions and all ICT categories (Hardware, Software, IT Services, Telecommunications and Labour Hire). It also covers agency and supplier activity, and focuses heavily on the hot ICT topics and likely future directions.

It contains over 2500+ articles that are tagged and searchable, allowing you to find relevant facts and points quickly and conveniently.

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Executive Compass

If you need to maintain a general overall awareness of what is going on across the entire Australian public sector without having to invest time, this short and succinct jurisdictional-based horizon report provides you with predictions of market activity, measures of market sentiments and government ICT demand indicators.

An indispensable report that will enable you to feel confident that you are aware of all the key ICT developments.

Federal Market Reports

If you want detailed trend analysis of the Federal Government ICT market to help inform your planning, procurement and supplier engagement, and if you require both a market overview as well as "drill downs" into the parts of the market most relevant to you, the Federal Market Reports will provide extensive information, by agency, by supplier and by ICT category and sub-category.

The market sizing and five-year trend information contained in these reports is derived from comprehensive analysis of Intermedium’s source data including published contracts, procurement plans, budget papers and interviews with agencies.

The Federal Market Reports product is a component of our Procurement Data Premium Package.

Contact us for an online demonstration of the Federal Market Reports.

Bespoke Research

If you require public sector ICT information that is not covered by Intermedium’s subscription products or available elsewhere in the marketplace, Intermedium can be commissioned to undertake research to provide the information you require.

We utilise a variety of methodologies including desk research, data analytics, surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews to provide the insights you require.

Among our research assignments, we have:

  • Produced a highly regarded Digital Government Readiness Indicator;
  • Developed supplier profiles and capability maps for specific opportunities;
  • Researched government stakeholder expectations of small to medium enterprise (SMEs) suppliers;
  • Analysed the depth of penetration of SMEs into the Federal government ICT market;
  • Provided a strategic architecture review for a mid-tier agency

Contact us to discuss the nature of the research you require.

Advisory services from Intermedium’s network of experts

When you require independent advice on how to best to respond to important developments in the market or to key issues, Intermedium can identify a senior consultant with the right experience and background to provide the advice that you require.

Contact us to discuss the nature of the advice you are seeking.