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If you’re a marketing executive responsible for the public sector the following products and services may be of value to you.

The Knowledge Base

If you need to better align your company’s marketing collateral and activities with the interests and needs of the public sector, the Knowledge Base will provide ongoing market awareness of the topical issues and trends in the government ICT marketplace.

The Knowledge Base is updated on a daily basis, and spans all jurisdictions and all ICT categories (Hardware, Software, IT Services, Telecommunications and Labour Hire). It also covers supplier activity, and focuses heavily on the hot ICT topics and likely future directions.

The Knowledge Base is a component of our Basics, Essentials and Premium Packages.


If you need contact lists for key government roles, GovFacts will be an invaluable resource.

It contains data for 120 of the largest agencies across all jurisdictions. The contacts data is refreshed every 6 months, and on an ad hoc basis for any key personnel changes that occur in the interim. Each contact shows the date it was last updated, and all the contact data is exportable to CSV.

GovFacts is a component of our Basics, Essentials and Premium Packages.

Contact us for an online demonstration of GovFacts.

Executive Insight

If you need to maintain a general overall awareness of what is going on across the entire Australian public sector without having to invest time, this two-page quarterly summary will enable you to feel confident that you are aware of all the key ICT developments.

The Executive Insight summarises public sector ICT hot topics and issues, lists the top ICT contracts across the country and outlines ICT-related appointments at senior levels of government, including Ministerial and Departmental level.

ICT Outlook Reports – one for every jurisdiction in Australia

When you need information on the key political and economic drivers affecting a jurisdiction’s investment in ICT, the annual ICT Outlooks for that jurisdiction is likely to contain the information you are after.

The State Profiles and Outlooks cover the same content, with the State Profiles effectively being an executive summary of the information contained in the Outlooks.

Each ICT Outlook Report will save hours of time and effort in researching, compiling and summarising the information you may need for sales planning or interaction with government agencies.

ICT Outlooks are a component of our Essentials and Premium Packages. View a recent Overview.

State Profiles

If you need a high-level summary of a particular jurisdiction’s ICT context, including the main features and aspects of its ICT market to ensure your company articulates the best possible value proposition, and provides the most relevant marketing collateral to government agencies, the State Profiles series will provide valuable reference material and save you hours of research, allowing you to spend more time devising the key elements of your marketing strategy.

State Profiles are a component of our Basics, Essentials and Premium Packages. View a recent profile.

Sponsorships of Intermedium Events

If you are looking for well-regarded events that will provide your company with networking and brand awareness raising opportunities, Intermedium conducts briefings throughout the year that routinely involve senior government personnel as presenters and panellists and which are well attended by government.

These briefings present you with opportunities for platinum, gold and bronze sponsorship.

Contact us for more information as to how your company can get involved in an Intermedium event.

Bespoke Research

If you require public sector market information that is not covered by Intermedium’s subscription products or available elsewhere in the marketplace, Intermedium can be commissioned to undertake research to provide the information you require.

We utilise a variety of methodologies including desk research, data analytics, surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews to provide the insights you require. We have developed competitor profiles and capability maps for specific opportunities, provided data on upcoming opportunities and helped clients map market addressability to their organisation’s business units.

Contact us to discuss the nature of the research you require.

Selling to Government Professional Development Courses

Intermedium’s Fundamentals of Government Sales Success course (runs regularly throughout the year) outlines the core aspects of the government market that set it aside from commercial markets and thereby significantly increases attendee’s understanding of the government market.

Contact us for more information.

Advisory services from Intermedium’s network of experts

When you require deeper insight on how to position your company’s products and services than your feel your company currently has, or if you need to confirm how best to respond to certain opportunities or key issues, Intermedium is likely to be able to identify a senior ex government or industry consultant to provide the advice that you require.

We have significant experience in assisting clients with how best to position their responses to important bids -starting with a requirements analysis workshop, through to performing the external (‘red team’) reviews and best practices essential for marketing activities.

Contact us for more information.