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To ensure users remain as fully up-to-date on the latest developments in the public sector ICT market as possible, Intermedium provides the following resources:

The Knowledge Base

An online resource of over 1,300 researched articles (growing at the rate of 5 per week), reports and databases, which has the following features:

  • Comprehensive search tool;
  • Daily email alert service for new articles that match a user’s preferences;
  • Fully featured daily tender alert service;
  • Database of all Public Sector ICT tenders for all jurisdictions in Australia;
  • Monthly ‘In Focus’ feature piece on key developments in the public sector market;
  • Federal Government Supplier and Agency Leader Boards; and
  • Weekly eNewsletter

Executive Insight

A quarterly publication, limited to 2 pages, providing high level insight on key trends, developments and opportunities across the Australian public sector ICT market.

It covers all jurisdictional ICT markets, bar Local Government and New Zealand.


GovFacts is an online database of key agency profiling information for the 120 most important agencies across Australia. Highly relevant information for each agency including mission/ purpose of agency; senior level ICT contacts; key challenges / projects; total number of staff; size of budget; key ICT contracts; status of shared services and nature of ICT outsourcing is included.

GovFacts links to all Intermedium articles written on the agency.

Public Sector Overviews

The Public Sector Overview series of reports provides information on the key political and economic drivers affecting each jurisdiction’s investment in ICT.

Each report in the series provides an in-depth snapshots into the current budget as well as insight into likely future ICT market directions based on macro indicators, saving you significant time and effort in strategic planning.

State Profiles

Each State Government ICT Market Profile provides a comprehensive but easy-to-read summary of the key features and aspects of the ICT market. The contents of these PowerPoint decks will be of significant assistance to inform planning; prepare responses, proposals and business cases; or background you for an important meeting.

Digital Readiness Report

The Digital Government Readiness Report outlines each jurisdictions’ preparedness to deliver citizen-centric digital services. It is updated on a yearly basis and is available exclusively for subscribers.