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Canberra’s procurement reforms are going to impact your company

Issues that have long plagued government ICT procurement practices, experienced by both buyers and suppliers, are the focus of the raft of reforms that have been announced.

The Federal Government is now looking to boost competition, innovation and open standards, promote ‘cloud first’, mitigate cybersecurity risks, focus on outcomes, and reduce duplication of technology platforms across agencies.

What does this mean for Australian Government ICT contracts?

Australian Government ICT contracts will be capped at a maximum of $100 million or three years’ duration, breaking large ICT projects into smaller, manageable components that SMEs are more capable of delivering.

In addition to an attempt to assist SMEs through a range of reforms, the government is also targeting a 10 per cent increase of its annual IT spend to smaller operators.

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Intermedium ICT Procurement Workshops

Intermedium have combed the 69 page Report of the ICT Procurement Taskforce and broken it down into industry relevant elements so that busy ICT executives can immediately see what the impacts will be on them, and in what sort of timeframe.

You can get this information in the way that suits you best. We are currently:

  1. Providing ‘boardroom’ briefings for our clients;
  2. Running half day in-house workshops for federal public sector sales and marketing staff.

Alternatively, please contact us for any further information.

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About Intermedium

Over the last 13 years, Intermedium has developed a strong reputation as the specialist on public sector ICT markets. In 2005 it ran its first ever workshop which was on the impact of the US/ Australia Free trade agreement. We continue to run professional development courses, market briefings and workshops Our database of Federal Government ICT contracts tells the story of the impacts of various reforms and measures, such as the Gerson review in 2008 and the 4% Efficiency dividend of 2012-13