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Know the ins and outs of selling to government

Do you know the ins and outs of selling to government?

Intermedium's products and services are designed to equip your sales team with the right skills, the right tools and the right knowledge to effectively compete in the government ICT market.

Our easy-to-use sales planning tools allow you to look up detailed information on your agency of interest, prospect for upcoming opportunities and see how suppliers in your market fared, while our insightful articles keep you abreast of developments within the government market.

We can help you to become more effective in all stages of the public sector sales cycle through our focused Selling to Government courses and provide you with specialist advisory to support you at all stages of your government bid.


Budget IT

Start your planning with an informed view of the budget allocation for every budget-funded agency in every jurisdiction

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Scout IT

All the information you need to rapidly identify the ICT opportunities to pursue in the federal and state governments

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Get the convenience of having the agency information you're looking for whenever you need it

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Knowledge Base

Articles on the latest government technology developments in Australia and New Zealand

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Tender Response Service

The right advice at the right time to dramatically increase your chances of winning

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Bespoke Research

Generate required insights not otherwise obtainable for your planning and positioning

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Professional Development

Reduce the cost of sale to government and improve your win rate by understanding how to sell to government

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Set a new standard for sales with the help of experts who know what it takes

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