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  • Coverage - Available now: Federal & NSW
  • Coming in July 2017: QLD, VIC, WA, SA
  • Update frequency: continuously

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Win a greater share of the Federal and NSW government ICT markets

Available now:

Available July 2017:

Federal & New South Wales data

Victoria, Queensland, South Australia & West Australia

Scout IT familiarisation sessions available online - register now

Scout IT has all the information you need to quickly identify the ICT opportunities you should pursue in Federal and NSW government.

It contains the details of current contracts, open panels, open & closed tenders and annual procurement plans - all viewable through online dashboards.

A unique tool that lets you instantly find potential opportunities

Scout IT allows you to search in real time for contracts likely to be renewed at expiry. By identifying these contracts well before the next formal procurement process starts, you give yourself the most time to articulate your alternative solution to the agency.

Bonus tender alert service

Scout IT provides a record of all open as well as closed tenders. It is updated daily with current tender opportunities for Federal and NSW agencies and you will receive a bonus tender alert service as part of the subscription.

If you want to win more business in the Australian public sector ICT market, you must have Scout IT.

Position for the renewal of current contracts and get on the right panels

Plan your strategy and get engaged with agencies before the formal procurement process starts.

Work with reliable and current data. Intermedium continuously cleanses and grooms the data sourced from AusTender and NSW Tenders in both automated and manual routines to ensure only the highest quality data is included in Scout IT.

Utilise dynamically generated, dashboard-presented data which is easy to search, filter and view.

Identify upcoming procurement opportunities in Federal and NSW government agencies

Scout IT contains:

  • Annual Procurement Plans as issued by Federal and NSW agencies
  • Current ICT contracts above the threshold that the agencies are required to report ($10,000 for Federal and $150,000 for NSW)
  • A database of all open and closed Federal, NSW, QLD, SA, WA & VIC ICT tenders going back to 2013 allows you to identify if the agency has been in the market previously for your type of solution

Determine the strategic alliances you may need to form by identifying suppliers on ICT panels

  • Scout IT’s interfaces and filters yield valuable insights regarding prospective partner as well as competitor profiles

Scout IT Familiarisation Session

Intermedium offers anyone needing an introduction or a quick refresher on Scout IT a 20-minute webinar

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