“Having easy access to such valuable information saves me so much time and keeps me up to date with the government ICT market.”

- Senior Account Executive for a leading supplier of Telecommunications to the government market.


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Product Information

  • Access mode: online
  • Coverage: Federal Government only
  • Update frequency: continuously

Purchasing Information

  • Scout IT can be purchased as a stand-alone annual subscription, or as part of our Basics, Essentials and Premium Corporate Packages
  • All Intermedium products are made available on an annual enterprise license basis ie. an unlimited number of users
  • Substantial discounts and value adding offers apply to Corporate Packages, including complimentary products and briefings
  • Tiered pricing applies


  • Email and telephone support is provided during office hours
  • Subscribers will receive a system familiarisation session tailored to their needs

Position your offering to capitalise on expiring contracts and panels

Scout IT gives you comprehensive data on current panels and tenders, expiring contracts and annual procurement plans for federal government.

Save your company time and costs with relevant, on-demand data which you can leverage to win more government business.

Federal Government Agencies invest over $5 billion in new ICT contracts every year. As a procurement forecasting tool, Scout IT gives you invaluable insight into the areas where agencies are likely to make repeat ICT purchases before the formal procurement process starts.

Along with all federal government ICT procurement plans, Scout IT informs you of expiring ICT contracts and panels, allowing you to act on upcoming opportunities. 

Scout IT is also updated with current tender opportunities (sourced from AusTender) on a daily basis, and keeps a record of all tenders let by Federal Government Agencies.

This is information you cannot afford to miss if you operate in the Federal Government ICT Market. 

Position for the renewal of expiring contracts and panels: 

  • Plan your strategy and get ahead of the competition before the formal procurement process starts

  • AusTender-sourced ICT contract data and other information is cleansed and categorised by Intermedium

  • Dynamically generated, dashboard presented data is easy to search, filter and view

Identify upcoming procurement opportunities in Federal Government Agencies:

  • Annual Procurement Plans

  • All expiring ICT contracts

  • All current and previous ICT tenders going back to 2008

Determine at an early stage which potential strategic alliances you may need to form:

  • All current ICT panels
    • ICT category search is not available in AusTender - get information relevant to your needs

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