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13 suppliers added to new WofG Hardware Panel

by Justin Hendry •
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13 suppliers including Fujitsu, Data#3 and Lenovo will join the new Whole-of-Government ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel – bringing the total to 19, after the first panellists were announced by the Department Finance last month.

The new Panel will replace the outgoing WofG Desktop Hardware Panel and Associated Service Head Agreement from 1 January 2016. The expiry for the new Panel is 30 June 2018, however Finance has the option of three 12 month extensions.

The latest suppliers announced to feature on the new Panel are:

  • Adnet;
  • Buyequip;
  • Data#3;
  • Datacom Systems;
  • Forward IT;
  • Fujitsu Australia;
  • Greenbox Systems;
  • HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd;
  • Lenovo Australia;
  • Netier;
  • NTT Communications – ICT Solutions;
  • Reuse – Recycle I.T / Capital Easy – Finance and Leasing; and
  • TES-AMM Australia Pty Limited.

Australian Government Chief Technology Officer and Procurement Coordinator John Sheridan made the announcement in a blog post.

The 13 suppliers listed above join Acer Computers Australia Pty Limited, Dell Australia Pty Limited, Ethan Group Pty Limited, Mac 1 Pty Limited, OPC IT Pty Limited and Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Limited who were announced in September 2015.

Eight of the suppliers announced yesterday do not feature on the outgoing Panel. They are Fujitsu Australia, Adnet, Buyequip, Forward IT, Netier, NTT Communications – ICT Solutions, Reuse – Recycle I.T / Capital Easy – Finance and Leasing and TES-AMM Australia Pty Limited. They join Mac1, OPC IT and Samsung who were announced in September and also did not feature on the outgoing Panel.

The new Panel will consist of mandatory categories including desktops, mobile PCs, virtual desktop devices and monitors, as well as non-mandatory categories, including associated services and server hardware. Agencies can elect to procure tablet devices through the Panel or otherwise use the separate Mobile Panel

Several of the new suppliers including Buyequip, Reuse – Recycle I.T and TES-AMM Australia are principally concerned with eWaste and technology recycling. Intermedium had previously suggested that the new Panel would be substantially larger than the existing 12 suppliers on the outgoing panel due to the addition of new categories.

Hewlett-Packard is the only supplier announced yesterday with a significant share of the outgoing Panel’s market, holding 23.9 per cent of contracts over its lifetime. If including all suppliers announced on the new Panel so far (i.e. in both the September and the October announcements), ACER, Ethan Group and Hewlett-Packard hold more than 75 per cent of the total market share for the outgoing Panel. This was $73.8 million, $71.9 million and $67.8 million respectively, according to Analyse IT. Dell was the fourth highest contractor, responsible for $52.6 million in total contract value.

The Department of Human Services has consistently been ranked the Panel’s largest user agency, with $78.9 million worth of procurements split between 75 contracts. Similarly, the Department of Defence has procured 772 contracts through the Panel worth $75.8 million.

APCD, NEC, Staples and UXC Connect are now the only remaining outgoing panellists yet to be added to the new Panel.

Sheridan has indicated that future panellists and additional information relating to the new agreement will be announced over the coming weeks.

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