Who we are

The medium bridging the public and private sector ICT and digital markets
Bridging public and private sector ICT

Intermedium specialises in the transformation of government services through the use of digital and ICT. 

Our detailed market knowledge and understanding come from decades of industry and government experience. Our unique datasets and expertise allow us to generate insights not obtainable from any other source.

We give our clients an informational edge over competitors, enabling them to be more aware of the market and potential opportunities. At the same time, our products free up our client resources through convenient research and data, which they can reallocate towards strategic and operational activities.

Almost 100 companies and government agencies subscribe to Intermedium products, from local SMEs to large multinationals. Our insights and analysis support client decision making and account management, helping them win more government business.

For suppliers to the government, we can assist you in developing stronger tender responses, informed sales strategies and more engaging value propositions. 

For agencies, we understand your challenges and constraints and strive to enhance productivity and efficiency through impartial reporting and advice.

Executive team

Judy Hurditch

Judy Hurditch

Managing Director / Principal Analyst

Alexis Gregg

Alexis Gregg

Chief Operating Officer / Head of Sales