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Selling to Government workshops

Reduce the cost of sale to government and improve your win rate by understanding how to sell to government

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Customisable to your environment
Workshops can be tailored to your specific market offering or jurisdictions of interest to provide a more customised context
Flexible delivery approaches
May be delivered as a full-day on-site workshop, or online through a series of live webinars should you wish to include participants from multiple locations

Key to becoming a trusted partner rather than just another supplier

Bolster your effectiveness in all stages of the public sector sales cycle by understanding government, its frameworks, policies and procurement practices, and the right approach in engagement

Improve your win rate by understanding how to sell to government

Demystify the process of selling to government

Whether you are new to your public sector sales role or a seasoned professional with experience under your belt, our Selling to Government course is targeted at helping you leverage your sales effectiveness through:

  • Reinforcing key concepts and the building blocks of government
  • Comprehending the government ICT market and its purchase process
  • Learning the essentials of key decision-maker engagement


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