Access detailed data on government agencies and senior personnel.

Get comprehensive information on over 130 must know agencies and quickly identify the key names in government ICT.

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Discover need to know information on target agencies
Search by jurisdiction, sector or specific agency name
Identify decision-makers
Connect with the right government ICT professionals
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Shape your account plans

Find everything you need to know in one place. GovFacts saves you time on research by delivering the facts you need to help you develop your marketing strategy, manage your account plans and engage more effectively with your target market.

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Know your customer

Gain an understanding of agency ICT environments, including the products, employees, services, objectives and future directions they utilise, to discover how they function.

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Get in touch with the decision-makers

Build effective pipelines with access to the right people using GovFact’s curated contacts list of decision-makers and procurement experts.

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GovFacts has powerful data

Get readily accessible information on key agencies across the federal, state and territory governments, including:

  • Agency purpose and key objectives
  • Key personnel contact information
  • Staff numbers
  • ICT environment
  • ICT strategies and future directions
  • Annual Reports


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