Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator

Are governments digitally ready?

The Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator measures whole of government digital services capability.

Whole of Government
Scoring of each jurisdiction based on key digital enablers and progress towards digital maturity
Impartial Assessment
Each evaluation is conducted under Intermedium's strict criteria
Recording Progress
Regarded as a key record of digital progress across jurisdictions
2022 Digital Government Maturity and Readiness Indicator Report - Graph
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Transforming services for citizens

Intermedium publishes its Digital Government Readiness and Maturity Indicator Report out of a belief that the digital transformation of government services across Australia and New Zealand improves the well-being of citizens and maximises the use of taxpayer funds. 

Hear how your state scores and get a breakdown of each jurisdiction's performance across critical digital enablers.

Digital Government Readiness Indicator
DGRMI 2022

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Assessing digital readiness and maturity

How do we make our assessment?

The DGRMI assessment is based on publicly available information which ensures a level playing field is maintained for all jurisdictions. Intermedium also invites jurisdictional input when evaluating governments under its strict criteria. 

Criteria include:

  • The existence of ICT strategies and policies
  • A robust approach to ICT governance
  • The existence of a WofG service delivery agency
  • Evidence of ‘digital by design’
  • A User-driven approach to design
  • Data driven policy-making
  • Steps towards ‘Government as a Platform’
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