Sales & Training

Specialist support in all aspects of government sales

Gain the advantage of professional advisory assistance at any stage of the government sales cycle, whether it's preparation, execution or post-results review

Tender Response Service
Boost your win rates with a cohesive response that aligns your proposal with the needs and expectations of the tendering agency Learn more
Custom Market Data
Obtain a wealth of data customised to meet your business objectives to help you derive an informed view of investment opportunities Talk to us
Optimise Your Sales Events
Augment your sales kick-off or channel partner events with market insights, facilitation of panel discussions and/or speedy public sector coaching sessions Talk to us
Professional Development
Hone your government sales skills with a keen understanding of government thinking, culture and procurement rules Learn more
Achieve ongoing success and viability of your government business

Achieve ongoing success and viability of your government business

Opportunity can only be realised when you have:

  • Strong insights about your market
  • Comprehensive data to model your options
  • A clear sales strategy
  • The right understanding about your target agencies
  • The right sales processes to get in at the right time, and
  • A capable sales team with sound knowledge of the workings of government 

With proven expertise in the public sector, Intermedium can help you determine the greatest opportunities to significantly increases sales performance.

You’ll work with a public sector specialist who knows the ins and outs of your industry, and who will work with you to uncover the changes you need to make to see dramatic sales improvement.

Using advanced analytics that translate to insights about your market, we will help you to focus on the right priorities and move from recommendations to performance improving actions.

Value-adding to your sales team and channel partner ecosystem

Energise your sales team and channel partners

Value-add to your buyer and partner ecosystem

Intermedium can present compelling insights and facilitate a panel discussion of senior government decision-makers at your channel partner events.


Kick-off on the right note

Intermedium will value-add to your sales kick-off with a speed coaching session that focuses on the public sector market, what happens outside the team's sphere of influence and the role they need to play to win.

Get set to raise the bar on your government market sales

Talk to us, your selling better to government advisory team, and we’ll help you quickly and accurately assess your next steps.