Knowledge Base

Insights into digital transformation in government

Stay up-to-date and in-the-know through data-supported articles on the latest policy drivers and technology developments within the government

History of key events and trends since 2005
Ongoing monitoring and commentary on key topics
Broad coverage of topical issues such as innovation, cybersecurity, analytics, cloud, shared services and procurement reform
Stay up-to-date and in-the-know through data-supported articles on hot topics in the government

Articles backed by research

Free your team’s resources from being tied up in background research for your decision making, tender development and collaborations. Knowledge Base brings together a wide range of government ICT data and information and transforms this into insight.

Access reasearch articles and government leaders' views on contemporary hot topics, including:

  • Important trends such as digital transformation and innovation
  • Key ICT challenges such as cyber-security
  • Adoption of market developments such as cloud (-as-a-service)
  • Developments in shared services
  • Procurement reform


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Be informed, not only around what is happening, but more importantly why. Having insights into the drivers behind government decision-making puts you in a good position to demonstrate your understanding of the agency's way of thinking.