Market Intelligence

Government market intelligence

Intermedium brings procurement data to your fingertips. Understand agency spending, pinpoint new opportunities and stay ahead of government buying.

See how specific governments are spending and dial into your patch of the market.
Cleaned & Categorised
Analyse data across key metrics and better understand your category.
Over fifteen years worth of searchable contracts, panels and tenders.
Market Intelligence Platform
Market insights

Detailed market assessment

Know when agencies are likely to go to market and focus your account planning with an unmatched data set of panels, contracts and tenders. 


Category assessment of government data
Market Insights

Stay in tune with the government buying cycle

Understand the market like never before with deep-dive analysis of agency opportunities across multiple categories and sectors. 

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Market Insights

Align your message with agency initiatives

Calibrate your strategy to match agency initiatives and boost your chances of winning government business with detailed budget data for federal and state jurisdictions. 

Competitor assessment
Competitor Assessment

Pinpoint competitor activities

Create targeted account plans by knowing how your competitors are engaging with government and when their contracts are due for renewal.

Government CRM
Account building

Know who's who

GovFacts is more than just key contacts. Go beyond the individual and view a rich profile of agency history, technology systems and infrastructure so that you can approach decision-makers with confidence. 


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Knowledge base articles

Go beyond the data with analyst insights

Strengthen your approach to the market by leveraging seventeen years worth of digital and ICT specific articles about agency history and initiatives. 

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The benefits of an Intermedium investment

At Intermedium, we meticulously refine the procurement data for nearly one hundred of the largest suppliers to government. By saving our clients time, they can focus on providing the right solution to the right customer and create meaningful government-business relationships. 

  • Targeted account planning
  • Budget initiatives at your fingertips
  • Detailed competitor assessment 
  • Agency history and profiling

Save time researching and unlock more time for account development

Learn more about how Intermedium's Market Intelligence platform can save your team time and resources by booking a demo with a product specialist today.