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AGIMO names Internet Based Network Connections panellists

by Paris Cowan •
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AGIMO has only one panel left to finalise in its first tranche of coordinated procurement initiatives, with the agency announcing the first members to be included on the Internet Based Network Connections (IBNC) Panel.

Big names in ICT make up the first set of inclusions:

  • Fujitsu
  • Telstra
  • TransACT

The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has indicated that more suppliers will be added to the list as contract negotiations come to a close.

For Fujitsu and Telstra, this is the third whole-of-government panel on which they have been included.

Fujitsu is also a member of the Data Centre Migration Panel and the Telecommunications Management (TMAN) Panel. Telstra is also on the TMAN Panel, as well as the Telecommunications, Commodities, Carriage and Associated Services (Mobile) Panel.

It is whole-of-government panel number two for TransACT which is also on the Data Centre Facilities Panel.

The IBNC panel will have a significant impact on the Federal Government telecommunications market. Intermedium’sAnalyse IT tool shows the market had a value of over $675 million for the 2010-11 financial year, with more contracts likely to be posted in coming weeks.

In 2010-11 Telstra signed $257 million worth of contracts with Federal Government agencies, identified by Intermediumas falling into the telecommunications category.

Fujitsu signed another $19 million worth of telecommunications contracts, including a $15.3 million contract with Defence for internet access services, in the same period.

TransACT signed $717,481 worth of government telecommunications contracts.

According to the AGIMO Blog, services to be provided through the IBNC panel have the following distinguishing characteristics:

a)    “the IBNC Services utilise the IP Protocol Suite, including other protocols which may be encapsulated or tunnelled over IP;

b)    the data carried over the telecommunications services traverses a packet-switched public data network;

c)    the access point to the carrier network (Point-of-Presence) for the telecommunications services is within the borders of Australia, including Australian territories; and

d)    the telecommunications service is not a dedicated point-to-point telecommunications service, such definition excluding telecommunications services which form any part of an end-to-end IBNC Service ”

The announcement follows a spate of panel updates from the Department of Finance and Deregulation, including the finalisation of the 16 member TMAN Panel, the addition of three new members to the Data Centre Facilities and Migration panels, the announcement of the Managed Print Services Panel and the addition of four new suppliers to the Australian Government Telecommunications Arrangements (AGTA) head agreement.

The only panel in the current program of work that is yet to be announced is the greenfields data centre panel, which is in its final stages of tender evaluation following an approach to market in September 2010.

The tender stated that greenfields data centres (those yet to be developed) must have a closing date no later than 31 December 2015.


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