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Australia to build $10 million data tool to meet digital workforce needs

by Angel Jemmett •
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The Federal Government has announced new measures to address the nation’s workforce needs, including a $10 million data platform that will deliver real-time information about Australia’s workforce, skills and labour market.

The new measures follow the release by the National Skills Commission of the first State of Australia’s Skills Report.

Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, the Hon. Stuart Robert said that the new measures would build workforce capability, support job mobility, mend workforce shortages, utilise digital technology and address flexible work arrangements.

‘Australia’s continued prosperity depends on a workforce with the right skills to meet the demands of the economy and community, as well as the agility to rise to the opportunities presented by emerging industries.

The first of these measures is an $8 million package to increase the number of Job Fairs across the country to connect job seekers with local jobs.

The government will expand the Launch into Work program by investing $74.7 million over four years to provide job seekers with work experience, training and mentoring. An expansion of the 1800 CAREER service is also in the works.

$10.5 million will be invested over three years to pilot new approaches to accelerating qualification completion time. The funds will be allocated to the apprenticeship and traineeship sector working alongside the NSW and SA Governments.

$20 million will be spent up to 2023-24 to deliver skill assessments for migrants.

$49 million will be provided from January 2022 to June 2024 to double the number of places available in the Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program.

The $10 million workforce data tool will deliver data to help businesses understand the supply and demand for staff, assist in workforce planning, and match available skills and training to their needs.

According to Roberts, the tool will ensure that “workforce policy and sector-specific workforce plans are data-driven, equip and enable Australians to take up available work, remove barriers to participation, activate industry and target migration to complement the domestic workforce and fill skills and labour gaps.”

‘It identifies the critical role business and industry needs to play in investing in their existing staff and contributing to Australia’s current and future workforce, and ensures that all Australians have opportunities to train, reskill, or upskill, and find meaningful work.’

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