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Briefing sessions highlight CenITex’s big impact on Victorian ICT industry

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The Department of Treasury and Finance and CenITex (Centre for IT Excellence) ICT Shared Services Agency conducted two briefing sessions for the ICT industry on the Victorian Government’s Efficient Technology Services program on 7 & 22 June 2009. As we come up to the first anniversary of the formation of the Victorian Governments CenITex many might be wondering just how much the program means to the ICT industry in Victoria.

Its impact on the industry was answered in no uncertain terms by the estimated turnout of over 200 individuals to these two industry briefings. .

In the first presentation Technology Director in the Department of Treasury and Finance Dr Tony Aitkenhead referred to the recent Victorian State Budget which details that total program expenditure would rise from the $11.83M budgeted in 2007-08 to $95.16M in 2009-10. 

Dr Aitkenhead outlined the four key indicators being used to measure the success (or otherwise) of the program:

1.       Ongoing cost reduction for common ICT services;

2.       Improved organisational flexibility and response to change;

3.       Improved productivity in Government; and

4.       Improved employee access to ICT in Government.

Core to the Victorian Government and CenITex’s capacity to achieve these results in the first instance is to establish technology platforms that enable and support four identified specific objectives:

1.       Common Desktop (NOT single vendor) across Government;

2.       Single Network across Government;

3.       Hosting – sharing of principally ‘back office’ applications such as Mail;

4.       Login and Security – ‘any device, anywhere, anytime’.

Thana Velummylum, Chief Operating Officer of CenITex outlined the size of the task by predicting substantial increases in staff numbers, utilised desktops and annual income levels for CenITex.

CenITex is also measuring its progress by independently benchmarking its services through third party orchestrated questionnaires.  The results of these are currently “in the positive”, according to Velummylum.

Customer satisfaction, shareholder return and staff work satisfaction are all also being monitored and reported he added.

Want to know more about CenITex?

Intermedium has compiled a brief paper which provides a consolidated overview of CenITex, its budgets, goals, and intended strategies to fulfil its key outcomes and objectives as listed above.  For more information, contact sales or phone (02) 9955 9896.

Intermedium analysts are also able to offer in-house briefings 

the Victorian Budget in context of ICT, providing detail (by drawing together public domain information and applying subject matter expertise)  on key initiatives such as  CenITex portfolio.

Further detail on CenITex can be found at

Vic budget IT is a tool that enables you to search the State budget to identify funded ICT opportunities in the 2009-10 financial year.  It provides details of all ICT capital projects (CapEx) announced in the budget, as well as an indication of the likely amount of agency operating expense (OpEx) allocated to ICT. 

Contact sales on (02) 9955 9896 for details.

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