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Contract and tender news 23 - 30 March 2022

by Jack Le Guay •
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Contracts, tenders, suppliers and agencies catching Intermedium's attention  23 - 30 March 2022


Suppliers in the news this week are: ASG, Avanade, Gulanga, BroadReach Consulting, Compas, DXC, Engage Squared, EY, Fujitsu, F1 Solutions, Insitec, KDR Technology Solutions, Leidos, Modis Consulting, NTT, Paxus, PwC, Stepchange.

Agencies in the news this week are:  

  • Federal – Clean Energy Regulator; Department of Finance; Agriculture, Water and Environment; National Health and Medical Research Council; Education, Skills and Employment; Defence; Services Australia. 
  • QLD – Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  • WA – Road Safety Commission; Planning, Lands and Heritage; Department of Communities; Department of Finance.
  • VIC - Department of Education and Training.


  • PricewaterhouseCoopers has been contracted by the Western Australian Department of Communities to develop a business case for a replacement of the state’s child protection case management system, ASSIST (DOC202133613). The system was last refreshed in 2012, with Fujitsu winning the work, netting them a total of $35 million over the ten-year period (DCP26911) The business case is expected to be completed by December 2023.  
  • WA’s Department of Finance has signed a $390,000, nine-month contract with local SME BroadReach Consulting to provide advice and consultancy services in developing a new digital strategy for the agency as well as developing a business case to present to the state’s $500 million Digital Capability Fund (FIN22003). Finance also signed a $120,000 contract with Microsoft 365 specialists Engage Squared for the provision of a “M365/SharePoint Proof of Concept and Pilot Project”, with this contract expiring October 2022 (FIN22005).   
  • Ernst & Young is providing procurement guidance for the Victorian Department of Education and Training on selection and implementation of a centralised Document Verification Service (DVS) for Victorian Training Providers (CW49503). The $140,000 contract is expected to end in August 2022. 


  • The Clean Energy Regulator’s ICT Platform Hosting Services (PHS) contract (CN1798451) has seen its 57th amendment (value: $127,000) over nearly a decade. The original contract worth $12.7 million over five years was signed with Fujitsu in 2012 and was one of the largest government cloud contracts at the time. The solution was replaced a $7 milllion three-year contract with Uber Global and was “expected to be cost neutral”. The total value of the nine-year deal is now $48 million.   
  • Finance’s Electronic Work Environment services contract (CN3320408) with ASG has posted its fourth consecutive amendment over as many months. This 30th amendment extends the contract for 21 months and adds $9.4 million in value. The now eight-year contract is worth $63 million, almost double its original value. Finance has noted that it will be looking to refresh its ICT strategy in coming years, according to its corporate plan.   
  • The Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment has amended its Infringement and Intervention Modernisation contract (CN3733257), adding $2.5 million to the now $12 million two-year deal. The contract for “Agile Delivery Services” is with Avanade, a Microsoft-based digital consultancy and systems integrator.   
  • The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) posted a $70,000 amendment to its Research Grants Management System Replacement Implementation Services contract (CN3448150). This is the 19th amendment to the seven-year contract, which has ballooned from an original $2.3 million to $11.9 million. The work is being undertaken by F1 Solutions, a specialised supplier of grants, research and ethics management systems. The NHMRC fully switched to its new Sapphire replacement in January this year.   
  • DXC has scored a $7.8 million three-month contract with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment for “Digital Services” (CN3859097). The contract was signed through the ICT Professional Services Panel (SON3280319) which expired in July 2021. The work is likely related to the new employment services model digital jobseeking platform, with DXC being contracted through the same panel for this work in January 2021.   
  • Defence has published two new contracts with Leidos for Centralised Processing work worth $6.2 million (CN3857677 – one year & CN3858341 – two years). Leidos also recorded a 5th amendment on a another Centralised Processing contract (CN3674853), this work will be completed in June 2022, with the $270,000 amendment bringing the total value of the contract to $2.1 million. Defence has spent $2.3 billion on reported Centralised Processing work with Leidos (and predecessor Lockheed Martin) since 2016-17, with $117 million spent this year over 23 contracts.   
  • Insitec scored a $3.3 million three-year contract for systems integration work with Defence (CN3857523). Insitec had previously been contracted by the department for customer experience work.   
  • Gulanga Group, an Indigenous-owned SME based in Canberra saw its Information Technology Advisory Services contract with Defence receive a third amendment for $430,000 (CN3669013). The three-year, $3.8 million contract began in March 2020 and was tendered directly with company in accordance with the Indigenous Procurement Policy. Gulanga has won work with 40 federal agencies since 2015-16, with a total contract value of $6.5 million.   
  • Three significant labour hire contracts signed with Services Australia through the DTA’s Digital Marketplace have been extended for up to a year. The agency signed contracts in 2021 with Compas (CN3784409 - $2.5 million), Paxus (CN3788105 - $2.5 million) and Fujitsu (CN3788109 - $2.3 million). The total value of the amendments is $3.5 million.   
  • The WA Road Safety Commission has contracted Modis Consulting to conduct business analysis of the state’s ongoing Infringement Management Reform Program (WAPOL01522). The Program will replace the WA Police Force’s current system which has reached end of life and is hampering the state’s traffic enforcement strategy. The work will run for a year and is valued at $418,500. Parts of the program have been undertaken by Perth-based KDR Technology Solutions. KDR has also scored a $3.2 million contract with no published expiry date for project management services relating to the Planning Application System project being undertaken by Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH102121).   
  • The WA Department of Communities has also contracted Stepchange, a change management consultancy, to conduct business analysis of its Digitisation of Forms and Scheduling Solution Project (DOC202140834A). The Project is being undertaken by the Education and Care Regulatory Unit in line with the Department’s 2021-2025 Digital Strategy. The $83,500 contract will run until August 2022.   
  • NTT has won a contract with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads for “Provision of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Services and Advisory Services” (TMRICTSOA21014T1). The contract has been published without a value or expiry date. 
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