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The data centre dilemma

by Staff Writers •
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Last week Intermedium held breakfast briefings in both Sydney and Canberra, to provide and overview of issues facing industry and government.


Presenters Rob Aalders, of Transformation Analytics, and our own Kevin Noonan, Head of Consulting, provided a comprehensive case for developing a strategic plan before getting down into the detail of consolidating data centres.


Some might ask why data centre improvements are so crucial.  Energy consumption has become a major concern in today’s carbon conscious world.  Kevin presented recent McKinsey research about predicted data centre power requirements that showed current data centre growth rates are simply not sustainable into the future. 


It is important not to take the term “data centre consolidation” at face value.  Beyond this deceptively simple phrase is a plethora of issues to consider.  A clear change strategy must be established to take account ofpeople, process and turf issues ahead of any logistics considerations.


Speaking from personal experience, Rob Alders suggested change management is a “make or break issue” in data centre consolidation.  He suggested that in any data centre consolidation, managers should engage change management experts.  “Get them in early and often”, is Rob’s advice.  


Rob also focused on the need to plan ahead in any data centre strategy.  Anticipating technology trends is a difficult task, so he suggested a dedicated person, or perhaps even a team, should be tasked with anticipating technologies that may impact the data centre over the next 10 years.


Data centre consolidation isn’t just about the logistics, the where and how of the structure. It’s about changing a prevailing culture.  The essence of a successful data centre consolidation is not just about how well the technology is integrated, but also how well the change strategy is managed. 


Overall strategic goals are unlikely to be fulfilled by simply changing the location of a data centre. 


Intermedium invites you to share your views on data centre consolidation in our blog, altermedium.


For more information about the presentation, or enquiries about data centre consolidation, please contact Kevin Noonan.

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