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DCaaS a success as cloud market grows

by Pallavi Singhal •
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The whole-of-government Data Centre as a Service multi-use list (DCaaS MUL) has received a positive report card from Australian Government Chief Technology Officer and Procurement Coordinator John Sheridan.

Over $1 million worth of procurement has gone through DCaaS in the year since its inception on 18 October 2012. Agencies have signed a total of 22 contracts for private clouds, public clouds, platform as-a-service, infrastructure as-a-service and software as-a-service, according to recent blog post by Sheridan.

The multi-use list was created to facilitate short-term contracts for cloud and cloud-like services, with a maximum value of $80,000 and maximum term of 12 months.

New suppliers and services are regularly being added to the MUL. The fifth round of applications is currently underway, with submissions closing on 14 November 2013. DCaaS, which was first established with 35 suppliers offering around 900 services, has since been expanded to include 66 vendors and 1,299 services.

These include everything from hosted email, business collaboration, virtual desktop and server management. A full list can be found in the DCaaS service catalogue.

“Agencies have reacted positively to the diverse catalogue of services available through DCaaS which provides them with a broad range of solutions to meet new business challenges,” wrote Sheridan.

“An unexpected benefit of the DCaaS MUL has been the use of the DCaaS service catalogue by agencies as a research tool to examine the options available from the emerging cloud services market place.

“I look forward to the continued use of the MUL by agencies and the growth of the range of services offered through DCaaS, as this market place continues to mature.”

The ongoing expansion of the cloud marketplace has also led to the establishment of a second whole-of-government Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel (Panel Two) that eschews requirements under the existing Data Centre Facilities Panel for minimum leases of 10 years.

“We want to establish a panel that better matches the data centre needs of Agencies with industry offerings and do so in a way that reduces the burden on industry,” said Finance’s Mundi Tomlinson in August 2013, at the time of the approach to market for the new panel.

“Something has changed since [the original panel approach], principally I think the effect of the cloud,” Sheridan said about the existing panel earlier this year.

The approach to market for Panel Two closed on 3 October 2013, and the arrangement is expected to be in place by March 2014.

The existing panel facilitates long-term contracts for data centre space and services. A total of 26 contracts worth nearly $320 million have been signed through the panel since its establishment in July 2010, according to Intermedium’s data.

The largest deals signed through the Data Centre Facilities Panel include:

  • A $223.7 million 10-year data centre lease agreement between the Department of Human Services and Canberra Data Centres;
  • A $45.6 million 10-year consortium lease agreement between the Department of Finance and Canberra Data Centres; and
  • A $22.1 million 10-year contract for data centre facilities between the Bureau of Meteorology and Metronode.

The growth of the cloud market is also visible at the state level in different jurisdictions, with the emergence of various arrangements for public sector procurement of cloud services.

NSW Government agencies can procure a range of cloud-related services through the continuously open ICT Services Scheme, including data centre services under the whole-of-government agreement with Metronode, and desktop, ERP, telephony and software on an as-a-service basis.

Cloud services are also available at the whole-of-government level in Victoria through the continuously open eServices Register, which launched in July 2013. “The full range of hosted services, including Software as a Services (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)” are available through the Register, according to documents outlining its scope.

A whole-of-government panel for hosting services is available to South Australian Government agencies.

The Western Australian Government recently extended its Data Centre Facilities and Associated Management Services Panel through to 24 October 2014, with one 12-month extension option remaining.

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