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Free article: Intermedium’s NSW Budget Briefing reveals the 2010-11 ICT landscape

by Aleks Vickovich •
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Intermedium’s annual NSW Budget Briefing, held at Rydges, North Sydney on 30 June, outlined the key facts, figures and implications of the NSW Budget 2010-11 ICT allocation to a gathering of leading industry and government personnel.

Battling a cold and abandoned by her even more ill colleague, Research Manager Helen Flint, Intermedium’s Director, Judy Hurditch, resolutely took to the podium.  She outlined what Intermedium’s research team had established as this year’s ICT funding and expenditure and set it within the context of the state’s current political and electoral climate. 

Ms Hurditch indicated that the Budget contained a total ICT Capital Expenditure (CapEx) component of $882.9 million for the General Government Sector and the State Owned Enterprises in total.  Intermedium identified a total of 162 new and ongoing CapEX funded initiatives, valued at $3.7 billion over their full life cycle (often multi–year) as outlined in the budget.

A detailed rundown of the Budget allocation’s winners and losers was presented at the briefing.  The biggest winner was the Department of Education & Training, with an ICT CapEx of $207.6 million for 2010-11.

Other major winners were the Department of Transport and Infrastructure ($197.1 million), and the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water ($76.8 million) due to predominantly to some significant funding to Sydney Water, which sits inside the Super Department.

NSW Health has a 2010-11 CapEx allocation of $86.5 million which is a significant decrease from the 2009-10 Budget, predominantly, Ms Hurditch explained, because many of its very large multi-year projects were either coming to their funding envelope end this financial year or next.

The NSW Budget was also contrasted with the ICT component of the Federal Budget. It was suggested that the Federal Budget had a far greater focus on e-security and government administration reforms.  The Federal Budget had the National Health and Hospitals Network as its centrepiece, where the NSW Budget centred around transport and infrastructure.

The full detail of Intermedium’s analysis is available via Intermedium’s Budget IT tool, intended to assist in developing a targeted and informed approach to the government ICT marketplace.

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