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Health, welfare and tax targeted in AGIMO’s mobile government plan

by Paris Cowan •
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The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) envisions a kind of future where health alerts are pushed to the smartphones of geolocated residents, job ads are sent to the unemployed and forms are filled out electronically on the bus instead of inside a local Centrelink office.

It has today released the Australian Public Service Mobile Roadmap, on the same day as Stephen Conroy launched the first update to 2011’s National Digital Economy Strategy. The two plans commit agencies to identifying priority services to be delivered online and via mobile devices by June 2014 and to make the transition by December 2017, all towards the ultimate goal of coaxing 80 per cent of Government customers online by 2020. They also further the Government’s ambition to see 12 per cent of APS staff regularly teleworking by 2020.

Together they hope to see priority services in the areas of income support, child support, family assistance, taxation and health tailored to the needs of a modern citizenry who operate online and on the move.

Hot on the heels of the National Cloud Strategy, the symbiotic policy documents further the Government’s effort to nail down the benefits of its NBN legacy ahead of a forecast electoral catastrophe in September.

Before agencies achieve meaningful online delivery, however, many will need to reconfigure their websites just to display on a mobile device. Despite being the 39th most popular website in Australia, and by far the most visited online channel of any APS agency, the Bureau of Meteorology still has not optimised its website to appear on a smartphone or tablet. It recorded more than 3.3 billion page views in the last financial year.

The Australian Taxation Office, whose home page ranks at 116 nationwide, also has not yet deployed in a mobile friendly format. However the agency is known to be undergoing a comprehensive overhaul of its online services at present with a new-look website due this month.

While the homepage, operated by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, is also not mobile optimised, it has been the launchpad for a number of mobile apps targeted at small business owners.

Through the Mobile Roadmap, AGIMO also hopes to see the APS grab hold of the productivity gains that workforce mobility and BYOD offer.

“A recent Deloitte Access Economics study estimates an $11.8 billion productivity benefit over 2012 to 2025 as mobile shifts from being a device for individuals to being a platform underpinning business,” it says.

It hopes to have a best practice guide for BYOD implementation published by June 2014, and in the interim will support agencies making the leap and investigate common approaches that the APS could take to remote access solutions. It will also ask agencies to share mobility policies and architectures amongst one another, opening up potential for solution sharing.

Regular readers of Intermedium’s Get to Know the CIO series will know that a number of BYOD projects are already underway within the APS, some of which could be leveraged and expanded on a whole of government level if deemed fit.

  1. Peter Lawrence says that the Department of Defence’s DREAMS (Defence Remote Electronic Access Mobility System) solution allows connections by non-Defence devices up to the RESTRICTED network;
  2. Eija Seittenranta says the she hopes to have a full BYOD capability supported by the Department of Parliamentary Service by January 2014; and
  3. Peter Qui from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs says his colleagues can use the Good For Enterprise app to access their email and calendar from outside the office.


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