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Nineteen members cut from NSW telco panel

by Kristen Hammond •
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NSW Procurement has revealed it has extended its Telecommunications Systems and Services Government Telecommunications Agreement (GTA 5) out to 31 March 2012, slashing supplier membership from 85 to 66. The Category 1A: Data and High Speed Internet Services GTA has also been extended to 31 December 2012, with one supplier dropped in the new agreement.

An alert from NSW Procurement dated 21 April revealed that “a number of vendors were not extended during [the Category 5 renewal process] and customers should reconfirm online if the vendor remains approved to supply through this contract”. The updated list of suppliers published on the NSW Buy website, shows that 19 vendors had been excluded from the extension.  

Notable exclusions from the renewed Category 5 GTA include Fujitsu, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Seccom Global and Panasonic Australia, all of which have been active in the Federal Government ICT market.

According to the Category 5 contract guide, the GTA covers the procurement of a wide range of telecommunications systems and services for a two year term, originally set to expire on 31 March 2011. With one of the three extension options of 12 months now exercised to bring the contract out to 2012, the GTA has the potential to run to 2014.

The eighteen-strong range of products and services covered under GTA Category 5 include:

  1. Telephony Systems and Associated Systems & Services (including IP Systems)
  2. Voice and/or Video Mail and Unified Messaging Systems
  3. Network Systems and Services (including Voice, LAN/WAN, etc.)
  4. Call Accounting (TIMS)
  5. Contact Centre Systems and Associated Systems and Services
  6. Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR’s)
  7. After Market Products including handsets, audio conference phones, headsets, circuit cards
  8. Music and Messaging on Hold Systems and Services
  9. Voice Recording Systems
  10. Audio Conference Systems and Services
  11. Video Conferencing and Webcam Systems and Services
  12. Consolidated Telecommunications Inventory and Cost Management
  13. Managed Telecommunications Services
  14. Private Paging and Public Address Systems
  15. Broadcast Messaging Systems
  16. System Commissioning, Decommissioning and Professional Services
  17. System Maintenance (single and multi-vendor)
  18. New Telecommunications Technologies

The Category 1A: Data and High Speed Internet Services GTA was also extended by NSW Procurement in late-April 2011 following the expiration of its initial two year term. From a field of eight suppliers, NEC Australia was the only vendor to be excluded, with Nextgen, Optus, Pacnet, Pipe, Soul, Telstra and Vecomm retaining their positions.

While NEC will continue to provide services under the agreement until 31 December 2011, their exclusion is once again notable due to their strong presence in the Federal telecommunications market, ranking fifth among the top 25 suppliers and executing $21.1 million in contracts in 2009-10.

The Category 1A GTA extension stretches the agreement out to 31 December 2012, leaving one 12 month option to renew remaining on the contract.

The GTA initiative was a strategic component of the NSW Government’s People First project, which aimed to generate budgetary savings and system improvements through the consolidation of back-office functions, government-wide procurement and increased inter-agency cooperation and information sharing.


The full list of suppliers to be excluded from the Category 5 GTA is:

  • 3Com Asia Pacific
  • Business Telephone Advisory Service
  • CTI Solutions
  • Digital Technique’s Asia Pty Ltd
  • Ensyst Pty Ltd
  • Fonebox Australia Pty Ltd
  • Fonecom Pty Ltd
  • Fujitsu Australia
  • Lan 1 Pty Ltd
  • Messages on Hold Australia Pty Ltd
  • Netforce Pty Ltd
  • Net Strategy Pty Ltd
  • Panasonic Australia Pty Ltd
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • Seccom Global Pty Ltd
  • Sonnet Enterprise Services Pty Ltd
  • Total Concept Projects
  • Touchbase Australia Pty Ltd
  • Visionext Pty Ltd
  • YPB International


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