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NSW bounds towards Baird’s online services goal

by Justin Hendry •
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ServiceNSW has launched its new digital account offering ‘tell us once’ capabilities, a whole-of-government (WofG) payments platform, and an updated smartphone app, in one of its biggest overhauls of digital services since its inception.

The new digital account and payment capability, announced by Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet over the course of two days, supports Premier Mike Baird’s plan to have 70 per cent of citizen transactions conducted online by 2018-19.

The MyServiceNSW account allows citizens to securely store their personal details online and conveniently manage their interactions with the NSW Government. All linked government entities would then use the profile to validate identity credentials when a citizen performs a digital self-service transaction.

Intermedium has previously revealed that the account would utilise a Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to store customer details.

The account will initially offer selected transactions from the Roads and Maritime Service such as licence information, vehicle registrations and demerit points, and Office of State Revenue fine payment services. The full features of the account are expected to be enabled by March 2016 with new products and services to be rolled out over the coming months. Writing in in The Australian Perrottett also suggested the possibility of linking Service NSW to the Federal Government’s myGov service.

“Too often online services for different government agencies require different websites and multiple accounts,” Perrottet said in a statement. “But good service means putting the customer at the centre of the experience.”

“Our citizens should only have to ‘tell us once’, and that’s what we are aiming for with MyServiceNSW.”

Source: NSW Government

The existing Service NSW website will be used to administer the service, while a new Payment Services Platform that eliminates the duplication of payments infrastructure will provide a consistent payment experience across the NSW Government.

The payment platform is also likely to support digital payment methods in the future. “Streamlining the back-end payments infrastructure is an important waste-cutting reform, but it also looks to the future, opening up the possibility of incorporating payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, MasterPass, and Visa Checkout,” Perrottet said.

Department of Finance, Services and Innovation Secretary Martin Hoffman has previously said that a WofG platform approach for common functions would be a critical next step for the government digital services, highlighting the payments platform and the Digital Licencing Program – the next major service to be transition to a digital format from mid-2016 – as key examples.

Service NSW mobile app

An update to the Service NSW mobile app now enables drivers to pay or challenge road and traffic infringement fines.

The latest update – the second since August 2015 – connects the app to the Office of State Revenue, allowing drivers to pay fines, track payments and review infringement photos.

The app will compliment traditional paper notices, which will continue to be issued by post, by alerting drivers shortly after incurring a fine and providing detailed information such as photos and resolution options.

“Today’s traffic fines are posted out to people who then have to keep track of the paper, manually type in their details and remember to pay on time – and many people forget,” Perrottet said in a statement.

A previous update in October 2015 gave drivers the ability to view licence and registration details, check demerit points and update contact details.

Licencing is the next major service to be transformed, with the first simple NSW licences anticipated to transition to a digital format by mid-2016.

Service NSW was allocated $362 million in the 2015-16 Budget to improve its digital transactions services and roll-out another 27 one-stop shops. It also received $10 million over two years to integrate the OneGov cloud-based platform with its customer-facing interface, making over 150 self-service transactions available on mobile and tablet devices.

NSW is already a digital service delivery leader having topped Intermedium’s inaugural Digital Government Readiness Indicator in September 2015. A revised Indicator will be release in the coming weeks.

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