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NSW ICT Governance reforms well underway

by Paris Cowan •
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ICT industry specialists have been invited to register their interest in becoming a member of the ICT Advisory Panel which constitutes a key component of the ICT governance arrangements announced by Finance and Services Minister Greg Pearce on 7 July.

The panel will have four to five members drawn from ICT research and/or industry organisations as well as an Independent Chair. The Chair will report directly to the ICT Board made up of the Directors-General of seven of the nine departmental clusters in NSW.

“This will provide a pool of expertise to draw on to ensure that the Government and the people of New South Wales can benefit from the latest innovations and emerging technologies. To ensure diverse and active input from members it is intended that any appointments would be refreshed at least every 12 months,” Pearce told Parliament on 4 August 2011.

Pearce’s remarks to Parliament also revealed that the ICT Board, chaired by Director-General of the Department of Finance and Services (DFS) Michael Coutts-Trotter, has met once following the announcement of its establishment.

“The board met for the first time last Thursday, 28 July, and has already started the process of reforming information and communication technologies in New South Wales, including developing the information and communication technologies strategy that will set the tone for information and communication technologies policy and investment over the coming years,” he said.

Engagement with the ICT industry forms a key part of the Coalition Government’s approach to ICT policy.

“We believe that [the panel] is absolutely necessary to drive the reforms needed and to get industry and government all working towards the same goal.

The calibre of the interested parties thus far is an indication of the appetite for reform of information and communication technologies in New South Wales and that industry wants to make New South Wales the leader in information and communication technologies,” said Pearce.

Successful applicants for panel membership will be expected to:

  • Have a strong interest in and knowledge of current trends and future directions in ICT;
  • Be well positioned to advise government; while avoiding conflict of interest;
  • Have a clear understanding of the key issues affecting the development of the ICT sector in New South Wales government;
  • Possess a blend of research and business acumen; and
  • Have an understanding of ICT procurement practices in government.

The ICT Advisory Panel will likely find itself dealing with issues such as the appropriate uptake of cloud computing by NSW agencies with particular cognizance of security and data protection issues.

Innovation and long-term investment also were key points of emphasis at the Government’s ICT Forum held at Parliament House in June.  The size of its electoral mandate means the Coalition government can reasonably expect to govern for at least a second, if not a third term, so it has the luxury of taking a longer term view of the ICT reforms it wishes to pursue.

At the ICT forum, Treasurer Mike Baird listed data management, application rationalisation and shared services as ‘quick wins’ that were also high on the agenda at Macquarie Street.

Responses to the EOI are due on 12 August, and should cover background, skills and experience plus supporting documentation.


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