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In other public sector ICT and digital news

by Chris Huckstepp •
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In other public sector ICT and digital news for the 8th of June


  • The Australian Federal Police and Monash University are inviting adults to assist in a program using AI to stop child abuse. Adults are being asked to submit photographs of themselves as children to train AI models that can be used to identify children in “unsafe situations” online. “To develop AI that can identify exploitative images, we need a very large number of children's photographs in everyday ‘safe’ contexts that can train and evaluate the AI models intended to combat child exploitation,” according to AiLECS Lab Co-Director Associate Professor Campbell Wilson.   
  • icare has cited human error for reportedly emailing information in spreadsheets on 193,000 workers to the wrong employer, according to The Mandarin. The incident shines a light on the privacy and information management challenges faced by organisations. icare is strengthening its controls to improve safety measures, according to a statement referred to by The Mandarin. 
  • Queensland is continuing to streamline its smart transport ticketing infrastructure, conducting a trial of credit and debit card (including via smartphone) payments for rail commuters. Allowing passengers to use a single ticketing system across transport modes (e.g. rail, bus and light rail) speeds up boarding and allows for more services, according to comments from Transport Minister Mark Bailey to the ABC. Queensland is in the progress of consolidating 18 different systems used for transport ticketing across the State.  
  • Service Victoria is working with a Victorian council to create a reusable tool that allows local governments to provide digital services to citizens, according to itnews. The ‘council in a box’ tool will be rolled out to other governments pending the success of the trial. A spokesperson from the Department of Premier and Cabinet told itnews that the tool will consolidate “common functions and operations performed across councils, making… management of permits, applications and payments easier for Victorians”. 

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