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Queensland DNRM to undertake ICT transformation over next five years

by Sam Murphy •
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Queensland’s Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) is planning an ICT transformation that reduces the complexity of its systems, maximises customer service and facilitates the operation of DNRM as an integrated natural resources agency.

According to its 2012-13 Annual Report, ICT accounted for $29.7 million of DNRM’s ICT costs. Its newly released Blueprint stipulates that over the next five years it will “undertake a staged process of ICT transformation so we can put a common technology platform in place”.

Under the transformation, DNRM will work to eliminate manual payments and paper processes wherever possible. “The aim is to deliver all information services and as many transactions as possible online, while recognising the need for some services to continue to be available through more than one channel”, the Blueprint states.

The Department has already made a number of improvements to its business systems. In 2012-13, DNRM rolled-out an online lodgement and tenure management system for the mining and petroleum industry, known as MyMinesOnline.

DNMR is also in the process of implementing the $2.4 million national e-conveyancing system- an Australia-wide internet-based portal to assist with streamlining a largely paper-based conveyancing industry.

Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Andrew Cripps, labelled stage one of the e-conveyancing system a success in 2013 after facilitating the lodgement of property mortgages online. NSW and Victoria also finished stage one, while other jurisdictions have until 2015 to complete it. The second stage will expand the system beyond mortgages to property and title transactions. It will also allow access for lawyers conducting transactions on behalf of clients.

Mobility is flagged as a key requirement for DNRM. The Blueprint indicates that the Department has been using iPads to log petroleum and gas safety audits in the field. It is also using remote technology so that staff can answer complex questions no matter where the customer is located.

According to Queensland’s ICT Dashboard, all of DNRM’s projects are on time and on budget. Each of them has a status of ‘green’ representing that “everything is to plan and the initiatives are within tolerance”.

The Dashboard indicates that DNRM’s Streamlining Business Systems project is estimated to cost $18.2 million with ICT a key enabler of the reform. The Blueprint notes that DNRM’s current systems “are not always best matched to our vision for an integrated natural resources agency, our customer service delivery focus or our drive to reduce red tape and modernise compliance.”

Included in the streamlining process is a single consolidated record-keeping system. DNRM’s 2012-13 Annual Report indicated that the Department had already commenced the process of migrating data and decommissioning incumbent legacy record-keeping systems.

Also included is updated performance and monitoring systems as part of improving DNRM’s “capacity to undertake regular reviews of our business units”, according to the Blueprint.

DNRM received $13.41 million in capital expenditure in the 2013-14 Queensland Budget for ICT projects. The funding breaks down into:

  • $3.41 million for the modification of the Automated Tiles System;
  • $2.1 million for Government Land Management System and Land Development;
  • $3.84 million for a new technology platform for the Streamlining Mining Tenure Approval Process; and
  • $4.06 million for other systems development.

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